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how do you retrieve password hashes?

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I'm afraid I don't have the knowledge to furnish you with details about how the programs actually get the hashes from the file: I can tell you that the passwords / users file on a default WinXP install is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\sam

The SAM file is just a text file as far as I know, although windows won't let you open it while windows is running.

If you boot from a Linux live cd or similar with NTFS support you could open it up and have a look at it.

Or you could make a copy of the file with the windows recovery console (There's an option for it when you boot from a winxp cd).

Of course, you could use one of the programs you mentioned too :-P

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i don't know if responding to older threads is a horrible sin and abomination against the trolls here, but i shall respond since im new, bored, and waiting to rip 18 cds.

fist: program has to know were the target hash is located (ie: the sam file in windows as previously mentioned)

second: You must know what hash method is used to generate said hash file. this can be accomplished with a good (ie: set the password to "bobyboy" and generate a hash from "bobyboy" using several different algorithms)hour or so of guess work work, or reduced to possibly fruitless reverse engineering if hashes are salted.

third: generate and check hashes against the target untill you get a match (and technically, its possible to get two!)

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