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  1. Hi all, My issue is that I recently set up a NAS drive on my network. I have placed all my music on the NAS, I have then mapped the NAS music folder to a drive on my machine (Z:). The main issue that I am facing is that I can not access the music on the NAS until I open my network folder and select the NAS folder and log in to the NAS. For the NAS i am using a Addonics NAS Adapter into which I have connected a normal external hard drive. The adaptor will only let connections that login. I want to be able to add a script or application to the start up of my Windows 7 machine and my Vista machine that will automatically log into the NAS adaptor. As this will mean that my music will be accessible quick any take away the need to manually login.
  2. thanks some useful information on that page
  3. the main problem is that i don't know how deep the is and it sould expand at any time, so will have to be flexible.
  4. hi iv been having some trouble mapping out a tree structure in C# I have a tree structure that i was to map, each node could have any number of children and these children could have any number of children and so on. I'm looking to build a list of strings that contain every possible path from the root node to the last child. so far iv only been able to run down one path of the tree but i have been running into issues trying to get every path any help is greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks for the reply but, i know how to compare 2 strings, the problem im having is comparing two lists where the first is smaller than the second and the are not in sync my problem is more complex my code so far is shown below the smaller list is the one called mist: public tooltipSupertip comparetooltip(tooltipSupertip mist, List<tooltipSupertip> uex) { // all parts match foreach (tooltipSupertip uexTip in uex) { if (mist.name == uexTip.name && mist.tipHeader == uexTip.tipHeader && mist.tipBody == uexTip.tipBody) { mist.passOrFail = "pass"; return mist; } } // there was no TCID so the tooltip could not be compared foreach (tooltipSupertip uexTip in uex) { if (mist.name.Equals(uexTip.name) && uexTip.tipHeader.Equals("No TCID to get tip Header")) { Log.Comment(mist, "No TCID to compare tooltips!"); mist.passOrFail = "No Match"; return mist; } } // check that the tooltip is in the Uex run int found = 0; foreach (tooltipSupertip uexTip in uex) { if (mist.name.Equals(uexTip.name)) { found++; } } if (found == 0) { mist.passOrFail = "No Match"; return mist; } mist.passOrFail = "fail"; return mist; }
  6. hi im witting an app that compiles two lists of a custom object called object, the object contains 4 attributes: string name string header string body string passOrFail the first list called List1 contains 40 [can change] objects with all the details filled in e.g name: file header: a file of data body: a file can contain different types of data passOrFail: not yet set yet but will ehter be, pass, fail or no match and the the second list contains the same style of information, what im looking to do is compare the two lists, the second list is larger and will have more data in it. i only need to verify that items in the first list are in the second list. to get a pass all three (name, Header, body) must match. also if the name and body match but the header of the second list == "cant get data" then the result is pass to get a fail the name must match one of the entries in the second list but either the header or body must fail and if the name does not exist in the second list then its "no match"
  7. hi sorry for not givin more info, the company i work for digital sign all file so that they have X.509 Certificates, i managed to get the source code for the app that check if the file was signed. iv now added this to my orignal app which was checking the file version and checking if the file exists. thanks for the effort guys sorry i didnt give more info at the start, wasnt to sure of all the facts myself at the start.
  8. im very new to making my own apps i havent release anything yet, what is you fav language to code in ?, i mail do mine in C#, never put a GUI on the app ether, like the look of comand line
  9. ok sorry about the first post, a co-worker had some code for checking the file. now the issuse that i have is that the code that checks the file is running in an other app. i can call the other app in my program but when i call the other app it only flashes up in the dos prompt for a second then disapears, i need to find a way of ether keeping it displayed on the screen or storing it to a varable and calling that in my program. any througths on how i could do this.
  10. hi all, need some help. im trying to write an app in C# that will check if a file has a digital signature, i have been looking online and not find much. i have the basic of the app made such as a link list of all the files and there locations on the machine, all i need is some code that i can loop through that will check if the file has a digital signature.
  11. Advent QC4001 its new and really good looking. new intel atom processor, 1GB ram and like over 100GB harddrive
  12. whats the code for that, and what do you needed to set it up
  13. yea i have always wanted to know how to get the hash, form the computer, there is a lot on how to crack the hash
  14. http://foyledesign.info/desktop.bmp its messy but most of the stuff i need is on my desktop
  15. im running on a Toshiba portege tablet, its a nice laptop, the tablet function is good but the ram and processor dont make it run well. i have used many Toshiba laptops and i find them easy to use and they look nice too.
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