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  1. @sablefoxx Give credit were credit is due, Ballmer and his crew http://xkcd.com/323/
  2. The tutorials on Sun's site realy are very good, people should look there more often http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/networking/sockets/ Will step you through exactly how to do what you want.
  3. @adamzap yes Tk is part of python, but most people dont have python installed, so your still giving them large multimeg files just for one small program. Most people have java you dont use python for math b/c its an interprited language, and it simply can not reach the performance of java or c.
  4. Ive been programing for 4 years now, but i basically swim in the stuff :P I started with VB in highschool and made a word processor, then i moved to Java then tried C, C++, Haskal (shivers, bad memories), Python, numerous scripting langauges, and back to Java cause it satisfies my needs and cravings. I'd suggest you do what I do, first get your feet wet in it and fallow the regular simple stuff till you get the syntax down, and then dive in with something big that is something you think is cool or useful or fun or interesting. If you do that, not only will you get really good at the language your in and better at programing in general, but whatever your working on you'll learn forwards and back. That's what i did for Java and Math, cause thats what i enjoy and it was a language i liked, and now i have a 5 form graphing calculator that my teacher gives to students who don't have a TI. And dont just stop there, keep going. Ive been writing and rewriting my math stuff in Java for almost 1 year now, and despite being in my first year of college I've done high level algorithm implementations, testing, improving, comparing, and gotten to a point were i have an API that i will probably include in every resume i ever send, and enjoyed every moment of it. I highly recommend continuing your education with CS. Its a job that will never go out of demand or easily over supplied (how many laymen do you know who can use a computer worth diddly eh?).
  5. hate terminals, and putty is anoying but kind of the only option on windows. For those like me, you can get an x server for your m$ box here http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/ and tunnel your apps over to your side. (great for when the cs department says "no remote desktoping" but dosent expect you to actually know something about how unix works. )
  6. both still require that the libraries already be installed, if not you now have to package the libraries (multiple megs) with your python code (probably only a few hundred kb tops). And you cant just give that to any of your friends, in a single file, so you get stuck either telling them to drag n drop a 10+ mb folder for a tiny program, or your making 2-4 mb separate packages for each one, which is still an ugly hassle.
  7. @dr0p, java is not quite interpreted* any more, and hasn't been slow since 1.4 and its been on par for speed with gcc since 1.5, with exceptions were gcc overtakes java and java sometimes overtakes gcc see - http://www.stefankrause.net/wp/?p=9 @discusion about c# C# is very similar to java but lacks the any platform part, especially when it comes to GUI stuff (everything pales to java on that regard, though java does have its problems with it for sure). yes there is a nix version, i have no clue why :P (j/k but thats more trouble then its worth for someone who is just learning). python is also very easy, but again if you want to make stuff with a GUI your sol, python will go from crosplatform to tied down to a specific platform fast. (w/ the exception of teh GTK, but thats still a bit complicated and requires it be installed on the windows machine and then no OSX unless they go get a buggy diffrent project and so forth, just not worth it)
  8. if you want to make stuff that has a GUI and run on multiple platforms then pritch much java is your bet. GTK+ and the like can become a bi** to get working everywhere . i like java, its got a big library so i dont have to fiddle with stupid crap, if i want a hasmap i use one, dont got to go snooping around for one or make my own. I also preffer the syntax, but thats a personal thing. you may like c++ b/c of your past with c, but again anything with a GUI is going to get anoying fast (not to say Swing dosent have its own caveats, but its not system dependent). one of the complaints about java is that jar's arnt exes and confuse people. but on windows there is jSmooth and on Mac there is jarbundler to make them look and act just like a native app. And on linux, well, the linux user know wtf a jar is. Sun has some very excelent tutorials that you can get here http://farm1.static.flickr.com/75/19678631...pg?v=1202592616 and they even have their own recomendations here http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/ maybe not as good for learning, but great for looking things up that have you stumped and getting awsome examplea and explanations and details http://mindprod.com/jgloss/jgloss.html
  9. a. just ssl in through 21 and send files over that anyway instead of standerd ftp.... b. if you dont have complet control over the server, chances are they dont want you to be running random (at least to them) exe's on theire server. If you do have complete control over the server, just open up another port....
  10. i belive the easiest solution would be to program this as a server app & host it outa your house... login, page reads your cookies (NOM, NOM, NOM), logout. loging on other computer, click special button, sever requests to write said cookie, brose, button again - cookies are delited, logout
  11. simplest? python or bash (though bash is kinda hackish imo). easiest, id say java. simplest & easiest? .... i dont belive that combination goes well for advanced stuff :P
  12. first one is realy simple, just use a script to put it at the top..... for 2 & 3, read the apache dev info and manuals first. Your ideas arnt originaly so someone has probably tried to do it before you, so its out there (try google!) further regards to question 2: why the h@!! arent you just opening an ssh tunnel and doing what you want that way?
  13. on macs, i cant remember the keyboard comand, but it will inver the screen colors. i had a friend who would "sneak" into the apple store and do it to all the machines, which bugged the hell outa them since they didnt know the key sequence and would reboot every computer to get it back to normal.
  14. i would suggest learning java or c++ as you first langauge, to get an understanding of concepts & ideas, and so you can make graphical stuff (which is fun and helps ya learn). After you got a good grasp on one of them & have an idea about what you do and dont like about programing, you can head in a more refined direction, be that assembly & hardware, smaller apps in python or ruby, or staying at c & j. my personal recomendation would be java, but im horribly biased.
  15. netbeans might be a little heavy for a laptop (dont know if yours is an oldi or not). But if it is, jcreator & inelij are both lighter weight and work fine.
  16. +1 to the guy who said codeblocks for c++, i also use netbeans for c++ as well, though both need some polish i think never realy found an editor for c that i really loved :/ @Emeryth vi, but emacs are so superior! j/k :P
  17. java is my language of choice, mostly b/c of syntax and no horrid pointer chasing. can also work my way through c++, perl, php, bash, psl, vb(horrid thing i say), and am picking up tcsh for my new mac
  18. % by file completion, or by kbs sent out of total? either way rather simply, just add n divide like you learned in school :P (% of each download completed added together )/ (100(%) * # of downloads)
  19. there is a "record macro" button in excela and other m$ office products. simply do what you nee to do by hand once for one item, and then look at the code it generates for you (or use said generated macro to simply finish everything off).
  20. Learn some GUI stuff, its nice to have apps ur non tech friends won't be intimidated to try n use. I'd suggest GTK or xWidgets so you can use the same api uve learned on sifdrent platforms n languages
  21. what point of highshool level math algebera 2 & gemoetry, or entering pre calc? and also, do you want to be able to udnerstand why they work or to be able to make / code one and understand what it is doing? these are two separate things
  22. i don't know if responding to older threads is a horrible sin and abomination against the trolls here, but i shall respond since im new, bored, and waiting to rip 18 cds. fist: program has to know were the target hash is located (ie: the sam file in windows as previously mentioned) second: You must know what hash method is used to generate said hash file. this can be accomplished with a good (ie: set the password to "bobyboy" and generate a hash from "bobyboy" using several different algorithms)hour or so of guess work work, or reduced to possibly fruitless reverse engineering if hashes are salted. third: generate and check hashes against the target untill you get a match (and technically, its possible to get two!)
  23. Don't have a math degree, but i've taught my self a large amount. But to awnser, yes, your method is mathematically sound, but very ineficent from a performance perspective (but for understanding pi, its a nice starter ) ohh hi, stumbled onto this site, it looks nice.
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