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Ocarina of Time: Water Temple Glitch?


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Hey, this is my first post!

Anyway, I really need help.  I've been playing the Ocarina of Time using the sixtyforce emulator on my mac, and am really, impossibly stuck on the water temple.  To get the last small key, you have to shoot that golden eye on the middle level with an arrow to open a gate, and then longshot through.  Unfortunately, step two has been a problem.

When you shoot the eye, it readjusts your view so that you are already aiming at the target to longshot to.  Of course, I think that is what's supposed to happen.  Instead, I'm redirected right below the target, and because the aiming mechanism adjusts in noticeable ticks, going up to correct the mistake puts me above the target.  I've tried moving and using strange angles, but to no avail.  I've seen things on the internet about how to skip a key in the water temple, but I've already used one on the door that you could have skipped. 


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That made no sense to me, but i had a simerler problem when using an emulater (i couldn't aim at the hook in time using the digital pad)

however the emulater i used had an option to use the mouse for the anologue (spelt wong but i'm not using firefox right now) i took a save state just before i shot the eye, switched this option on, did the thing, saved it again and switched the option off. (aiming with the mouse was neat but trying to move with it was crazy mad.


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