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-/link appears to not really exist anymore/-

Anyways, yeah nor many games have VOIP support. The major titles that I cant think of that have it are UT2k4 (possibly 3 too), CS:S, BF2, BF2142, and COD4. Now with that being said, most servers do not usually turn on that option.

Also remember, anyone can host a 50+ slot teamspeak server for free at their house (of course that is if you have a T1 connection or close to it).

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um a couple but not many i think CSS and BF2142 do but i dont know of any others ( do post a list of games with voip plz )

CSS, BF2, BF1942, CoD:4, WoW etc all have in-game VoIP.

However vent's better for team training as you dont have talk-downtime at map changes etc..

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On PC, some games have "perks" to let you hear other teams chat(IE: COD4). It doesn't work if they use Vent/TS.

Vent and TS also allow for continuous comms, even while a game loads or changes maps.

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Mumble is a very good FOSS alternative to Ventrilo.

The quality is much better than TeamSpeak, and it has a few features Ventrilo could gain from 'borrowing', including Raid implementation (for MMORPGs), and OpenGL Overlay (which I think the newer Vent may have now?).

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