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VPN Recommendations?


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I'm looking for a VPN that runs on OSx/Win/Linux, any recommendations?

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Not if you're not on the same subnet/need to use broadcast packets, if I'm not mistaken the routers drop them.

Why would you want to create a virtual network connection over the Internet that any one can monitor? That requires that who ever created it be clicked into a apparently bottomless pit because it's madness ;)

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really you could do that with out a VPN

and it would be easyer

No, you miss the point.

If you have a router you are much better off then a direct internet connection, that makes it impossible to direct traffic to known LAN IP address.

If you then open a port and run a unencrypted virtual network service on that port, you just defeated every thing the router does except you still only have one internet IP address, Internal IP addresses will be included as part of the data of each packet rather than in the packet header, so that doesn't matter. Even if you allow connection to and from a trusted Ip on the internet, it doesn't matter. If some one gets that IP they can spoof ip so easy it's sill. If you use TCP (rather than UDP, but most VPN solutions (not that this is a VPN) use UDP) it would be harder for packet injection to occur but still possible.

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