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XP Professional x64


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I just learned that my Firewall/Antivirus software will nto run on XP 64-bit. Does anyone here have any suggestions for a good package that runs on Xp 64-bit. I know a few of you run it, so I was wondering what kind of security packages your running. Firewall, Antivirus, Spyware, Anti-spam, etc.

I am leaning towards the Kaspersky, but wanted to hear yoru opinions on what is best.

Should this also be a time when a Poll might make sense in a thread? Give me a list and people can vote on it so I can see what is the most popular or best rated.

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what kind of security packages your running


Ubuntu Fanbois do not count.... :lol:

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I still play games (but not recently due to a fucked graphics card).

I dont play pc games. I do however like to edit videos and record HDTV with my pc. I will most likely not be going online too often under x64, and dual boot both 32 and 64 bit. 32bit for surfing the web and normal shit, and x64 for video editing and more processor/memory intensive things.

I hear that its at least a bit more safe in x64 since most virii arent written for 64bit OS's yet anyway, but I do not want to be lax on the security in the event that I am online. I have failry safe surfing habits, but that doesnt mean sites I visit cant be compromised. I mainly want a nice firewall package, more so than a virus scanner, as most of the files I download are small enough to send to Virus Total.

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on my 64bit vista im running Kaspersky, which is firewall / AV package in its self, for the spyware side, i dont have one installed 24x7, kasperky again will monitor, but ive found isnt the best, therefore i use SuperAntiSpyware, once a month, or when ever i feel that i may been infected.


Kaspersky = http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads (30 day trial)

SuperAntiSpyware http://www.superantispyware.com/ (Free light version, or 30 day trail pro version)

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also useing win x64 here ,

i use avast! (there is a 64bit version)

not runnin a firewall software side , but have used tiny firewall x64 in the past (not free :(  )

antyspiware etc u can use the 32bit tools , u used to use there shouldn't be incompatibility problems withthose (well i havent had any)

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