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wapsite for hak5


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whos into mobile web? i think its handy to have a hak5 wapsite.. :roll:

I don't know how "necessary" it is, but I guess we're all here because we like doing things that aren't "necessary". :P Personally I wouldn't use it due to the insane prices my provider charges for data.

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gprs are free if you know how m8 8)

This is getting a bit of topic and treading into a grey legal area, so I'll apologise in advance. But anyway, my provider(Vodafone New Zealand) since introducing GPRS a few years ago has had numerous holes in their billing system. To start with hardly anyone was geting charged with then they fixed most of the problems. A few lucky people still retained free access until sometime last year when they seem to have gotten everything sorted. Some people are able (on prepaid) to just have a low balance and use GRPS with no costs, however this doesn't work for most people. Changing APNs and other tricks that have worked on some overseas providers don't work here or only worked for a limited time. Supposedly there are people who know of a hole but I've yet to see anyone here in NZ who has got free GRPS without it being a billing error.

I've heard of people tunneling the traffic from their phone out through ports/services that aren't charged for by the provider such as DNS to say their home compuer. I don't know much about how APNs and the rest of the GRPS system works but it sounds some what plausible.

I haven't really looked into the issue in depth, but I'll do some research and go and ask some phone fanatics about it. If I do end up with free GRPS then I'll definately want a Hak.5 wap site. :P

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WAP is dead.

About 5 years ago I got a cellphone, the Nokia 7110. This is the expensive version of the type of phone they used in The Matrix, ejectable microphone part and everything (which, I might add, was its achilles heel). This version had a large screen by that day's standards, and supported WAP to allow you to browse the internet using your cell phone.

Prices for using it were outrageous. Not only were you paying for the time the phone was connected to the provider, you paid extra for getting a pack of pages. It was ludicrous.

Not long thereafter, phones began to appear that simply supported HTTP and had a pretty much full-features browser on board that would allow it to just play around on the internet similar to how you would at home, just with a smaller screen. Those things worked and worked well. So why still bother with a WAP site? It's dead. Buried. A fading memory of bad idea from the dotcom era.

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I had a Nokia 7110, damn good phone, lasted 4 years before I microwaved it.

Can't you just run opera mini on your phone and get the web normally? If you were clever you'd set up a proxy to compress the data and save you money.

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Agreed. Forget WAP, basic HTML does the trick. I spent some time writing WML and while the card / deck architecture sounds nice on paper it really didn't perform well in the real world. At least not on the CDMA phones I tested back in 99-2000. I'm sure it would do fine on 1xRTT or EDGE but at this point why bother when HTML & simple graphics work great.

I LOVE mobile gmail ;)

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