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Good anonymizing browsers


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I've been using XeroBank Browser (Torpark's successor), but its stability is horrible - every time I start it, it says it needs to close, but I can still work with it. Plus I think that it's deleting itself, or the sysadmin is getting smarter and deleting it, but that doesn't seem right since just the firefox program is getting deleted and not the folder it's in. So I come to the Ha5izens with a question: What are some good ananymizing browsers?

PS where's 3x03?

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First, I have a question for you....

            Why is it on one of the sysadmin's computers?

solution: put it on a USB drive, or depending on why your hide your traffic use a http proxy.

as for the program, I have to recommend OperaTor, its my favie  8-)

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Scanned Opera Tor and it came up with a worm  in it. Not all scanners found it, but I wasn't taking any chances.


LoL at digip, by 'not all scanners' I guess you mean just one... and by 'came up with a worm', I guess you ment just found it suspicious.


OperaTor FTW!!!  8)

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