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Amish Sample [n1]


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2 things

1) its hak5 not hack5

2) Its called freerunning or tricking

Both are derived from parkour



Well the show is Hak5 not hack5 as u posted.

In the show,Amish is preforming Parkour tricks, otherwise known as freerun, or tricking / streettricking.

yerp, in the ep mentioned, u can see it being played, bout 48min into the show.

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to get fit, eat correctly, and exersize often.

To get the balance, i guess u just need to practice, theres no simple way of either gettin fit, or being able to pull the tricks, and its not just gonna take weeks, its a life style change.

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That guy is awesome such control of his body and ballance. I wish i was fitter to give it a go.

it really confuses me why people use I'm not in shape as an excuse to go out and exercise...

No I am a very active person, dont get me wrong here. Though to have the strength and balance that this guy has you have to be extremly fit and that I am no longer LOL.

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free runners get their abilities from training there's nothing else that trains the muscles in the same way... ge out and start traing.... 

pull up google and search for a local gorup (hint: forums) there's a big gorup near me (sf parkour) they should be able to help hook you up with the group near you.

get out and train!

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