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World Domination


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I am learning to use a new program. Its Autodesk Discreet Combustion, used for special effects in movies, tv, etc.

I took the sketch for "World Domination" (http://media.libsyn.com/media/hak5xvid/hak5-ep9.5-xvid.avi in the Wiki Sketch section) and added 3 things to it. 1) an explosion in color over the mushroom cloud near the beginning. 2) A red glowing led light from the Evil Server's Eye on the front of the case. 3) Burning flames on the old tower pc at the end of the clicp. I also added some music to make it a little more Evil Serverish.

Its nothing special but just wanted to share what I did and get some opinions on the effects. Do they look real? Do they fit?

The program is not exactly user friendly, and I have no manuals on it so I am teaching myself how to use it by trial and error.

Here is what I came up with: http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/digip/xv..._domination.avi

As you can see it is an xvid avi file. File size is 8.8mb


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Are you using any kind of download programs, or have yahoo in your user agent? I block Yahoo spiders and such, and may be why your being blocked. I see the yahoo toolbar in there and that might be an indication your user agent has Yahoo or Slurp in it.

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Actually, I was on the family comp and they like crappy products. I am using Opera, and it is working on my main comp.


Or Opera USB!!

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