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How hard is it to write:

Name, address, etc.              [picture of you]

Brief bio.

Why you want to work for them and what you think you can do for them. This bit is hard, and believe me that the people reading these will have already read all those form letters you can grab online, and loathe the sight of yet another one.

Listing of your working history. Don't be shy. If you don't have much experience yet, feel free to plunk that garbage pickup job you did for a while. It'll show you have character, and is a DAMN sight better than an empty timeframe (he was unemployed... Hmm. Why couldn't get get a job during that time? Something wrong with this guy? Hrmmmm). Know that when someone reaches this part of the letter, you're already fairly likely to get invited for an interview.

If it's not a large company you're thinking of applying to, they recently advertised or something that they're hiring, and it's not very far from your house, go over there and hand-deliver your resume. Look sharp. There's a chance you'll be asked to come in for an interview on the spot, and even if that doesn't happen you'll have already made an impression.

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June 5th, 2007

Human Relations Representative

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to highlight some of my personal and professional skills. I would be a great fit for your company’s Technical department. I have worked and studied in this field with vigor. I would appreciate a chance to be part of your team and further develop my talents as a LAN/PC Technician. I have very strong problem solving skills, which I work into my planning assessments, to aid in less proactive repairs of existing equipment and new installations, thus ensuring less system down time, which I interpret as a loss of time and money for the company.

A team player as well as a team builder, I am not afraid of responsibility or of new and expanding programs, systems, and equipment, as I look at this as one of the best ways to keep abreast of all upgrades in my field. I am confident that I will make a valuable and immediate contribution to your team and the company.

The following are highlights of my qualifications: Strong leadership abilities with demonstrated ability to build and train as well as mentor my fellow team members.

Customer service skills: To include the patience to answer their questions and the ability to walk them through their problems or get them the assistance they require. I feel that it is very important to make the customer feel at ease and there are no problems that cannot be handled in an efficient and professional manner. Comprehensive training in a wide verity of industry hardware, understanding of the need to protect the network, vulnerability isolation and fault analysis.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your review. I would welcome a personal interview at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and objectives, and the possibility of working together to meet them. For your convenience, I can be reached at (641)-521-XXXX.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert Hubbard PC Technician

is this ok for a cover letter?

Cooper: Killed the phone number.

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Isn't this stuff _part_ of your resume rather than the cover of a resume?

Okay, for starters, I really hope you're not planning to actually stick the text "Human Relations Representative" up there. Specify a name, or put the full address info of the company there, with a specification of the department it's for if it's a big place.

Paragraph 1: Don't start with talking about yourself. If you're applying with them because of something, start off with mentioning that something. If this is more of an open letter where you hope that they have a vacancy, begin with mentioning what brought them to your attention. From that point on you can flow naturally to what they (should) want in a staff member, and what makes you so fit for that position. Don't start every sentence with "I ...". Rephrase it so that instead of saying "I have great people skills" you say "My people skills are also excellent". Let's not make the excersize for the recipient more rote and tedious than it has to be. If your working experience is brief, mention you're eager to learn. Be humble. Keep your lines SHORT. Half of this first paragraph is a single line!

Paragraph 2: Again the lines are too long, though I like how you start this paragraph. Generalise the "new and expanding programs, systems and equiptment" by simply saying "a changing work environment" or something like that. When you itemize you're limiting yourself. Don't. Don't say you're confident you will make a contribution. Say you're confident that you can make a contribution, and that you look forward to doing so.

Paragraph 3: Work this into the first paragraph.

Paragraph 4: The beginning is crap. Trust me: They know what Customer service skills are. Basically, only the middle sentence is worth keeping. The rest looks like a copy/paste job from somewhere else.

Paragraph 5: "Possibility of working together". It's not a merger and they're not going to be a customer of yours. They'll be your employer. So say something like "and how my skills can be used to reach those objectives". And you can be reached at that number. It has nothing to do with convenience.

I kile the ending.

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I have never worked anywhere that the hand delivered resume would be welcomed to be honest. To many security guards or key coded locks. Whats worked for me is agencies, put your CV on as many of those as you can find. And learn to drive, (I didn't and its made me loose out on some very nice jobs). In the UK at least it seems to be fairly hard to find decent work if your forced to use public transport.

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CV = curriculum vitae (Latin for "course of life") = Resume, Commonwealth/Empire English tends to stick to Latin for official documents for some reason, where as résumé is French.

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Robert Wayne Hubbard

6365 21st Ave. SW         nope, IA xxxx Cell Phone: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

Email: warofthemagi2000@yahoo.com

Objective: Seeking fulltime employment in the PC/LAN Technician field.


Jefferson High School

Cedar Rapids, IA General Education

Diploma May 2005

Kirkwood Community College

Cedar Rapids, IA PC Technician

Diploma May 2007

Kirkwood Community College

Cedar Rapids, IA Local Area Network (LAN) Certificate May 2007

Work Experience:

Kirkwood Community College                      Dec 2006-Current

Tier 2 Special Projects Assistant:

• Performed  installation, maintenance, documentation, and site survey of all LAN and associated equipment

• Attended a group meeting for cost analysis for new installation bids for the addition of new and

      existing equipment

• Created database for Administrative IT control of hardware and Feed Lines

• Emergency Network Systems: Created a specific need to know spreadsheet for emergencies in

      Excel format, works in conjunction with the college’s E-pop system (emergency protocol system)

• Set up equipment in an office network configuration to ensure each computer had complete listing of all allowable resources that were available

• Installed power over Ethernet switches, and injectors

• Upgraded pre-existing equipment and I.P. Addressing

Stuff ETC (West Location) May 2006-Current

Floor Assistant:

• In charge of receivables to include assessment of merchandise conditions and pricing of the merchandise for resale

• Continually redistributes merchandise throughout the store, daily. Sets up displays to

      enhance the sale of the merchandise

• Periodically performs PC maintenance on store Network system computers, to include

      the cash registers

Stuff ETC (East Location) Nov 2006-March 2007

Floor Assistant:

• In charge of receivables to include assessment of merchandise conditions and pricing of merchandise for resale

• Periodically performs PC maintenance on store Network system computers, to include the cash


B.G. BRECKE May 2005-Aug 2005

Mechanical Contractor

Plumber’s assistant, Shop Foremen:

• Assisted Lead Mechanical Engineers in the installation of piping, removal of existing

      piping and all fit ups of new piping in accordance with all city and state codes

• Shop Forman duties for two weeks to include, ordering all required materials, receiving

      materials for ongoing jobs, and staging materials for upcoming jobs

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Vicious circle. You don't know so you can't get in, and you can't get in because you don't know.

They should expect you to need at least some training before you can truly function. After all, they have a network that you're completely unfamiliar with, potentially using hardware you've never seen or heard of before. Also, any company worth its salt will have a budget for training its employees anyways. This shouldn't be a big deal as long as you're not too expensive to hire (and since you're young, this is probably the case).

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