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Half-Assed Hack?


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I just had a dumb, but possibly fun to do idea...

I have sitting in front of me now:

1 x (Internal workings of) a Mini USB digital webcam/digital camera - max. res. 320x240

1 x Cheap LeClic 35mm Camera

Now, my thoughts are - what if I combine the two? I would then have a home-made digital camera, right?

I could replace the li'l wierd USB connector with a real USB female connector,

I could keep the 35mm's flash unit and then it'd have a flash (it didn't before),

It would have a real viewfinder (compared to it's pathetic and somewhat useless viewfinder in it's previous life as a cheapo digi-cam),

It would be nicer to hold, it'd feel like a real camera.

On the downside, the little diddy LCD it had went for a flying lesson when I dremelled/prized it open... erm... so I don't know where that went... it still seems to function ok though... oh, and the little piezo-electric speaker? that's gone too...

What do you guys think... worth spending an hour or so on?

Edit: I did think of modding it into my old (but only) lappy but there's very little room around the LCD so it probably wouldn't fit... plus it would draw all of the current from the only USB port (unless I hook the power to the serial port or PS/2 port or something not sure if the PS/2 port carries that much current though...)

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im listein 2 panic at the disco :( but its sooo catchyyyyyyy :(:(:(:(:( i no!

See? Emo.

(and looking at the pictures topic, I'm *SO* never gonna post my face on here. I'll either die laughing or from pure humiliation)

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