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[RELEASE] Hak5 Cloud C2 2.2.x


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We're happy to announce the 2.2.x release of the Cloud C2, which features a new notifications system and support for the new Hak5 Key Croc!

Change Log (2.2.0)

  • Hak5 Key Croc
    • Added support for the Hak5 Key Croc!
    • Hak5's Key Croc is a Keylogger armed with pentest tools, remote access and payloads that trigger multi-vector attacks when chosen keywords are typed.
    • Live keystrokes, typed history and keystroke injection can be performed remotely with ease.
  • Notifications
    • Notifications can now be sent from enrolled devices.
    • Notifications can be managed from the new bell icon in the status bar of the Cloud C2.


You can download the latest version over-the-air in your existing Cloud C2 instance on Linux or Mac, or visit the Hak5 Download Center to grab the release for all supported devices and operating systems.

 As always, thank you for the support and great community feedback!

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