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Curious if anyone knew of a tool that will scan your computer and actually tell you what hardware is found.

I been workin on this audio issue for awhile and not even sure what audio card is in my lap-top (HP dv6227cl)

I checked HP's web site and it only lists audio as being Altec Lansing which is only the speaker system. It seems the fixes are easier for Intel based systems , but I haven't found much useful information at all for AMD based systems. My problem is in my other post about the Microsoft UAA HD Audio Bus Driver, which is installed, but for some reason can't load and givin me a code (39) troubleshooting isn't helpful as far as microsoft says about coode 39.

I've checked out cpu-z which is a very useful tool, but doesn't tell me what type of sound card i have. Highly appreciate any advice on this.

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Wow! So many options now:) Thanks guys for all the useful info. I will give these tools a try and see what i like best.

@ Sparda, lol can't believe you of all people overlooked that I noted cpuz;)

@ moonlit, thanks for the interesting links also I'm gonna check out those episodes.

@ nickisgod1, man I have BT installed also and didn't even think of that :oops: thanks for bringin that to my attention :D

Thanks to everyone else's input as well.

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Ummm... windows might need the drivers before it knows what the hardware is... Have you tried going threw there driver & support sections at all? Linux & lspci/FreeBSD* & pciconf -lv might show you more as laptop audio chipsets usually fairly generic and thus supported out of the box by most modern linux distros. *FreeBSD has a better track record for detecting the hardware I've used with it when compared to my experiences with linux.

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haha Sparda's weaknes... words!

Ye lol, I'v read at most 5 proper books in my entire life (and I'm now at University's, ha!).

I only have 2 programming books. The first of which is a beginners C++ book, I'v read a good bit of it, not finished it though lol. The second is a mandatory book for my University course, and it's entitled "Objects First with Java, A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ", probably read about 20 pages (out of 450) of it so far lol.

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