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A Linux question..


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The other day I pulled my very old computer out of my closet, I wanted to test out how much traffic my network can handle. So I installed Windows 98 on it, the only problem I have is that no web browser works on it, the only one that works is IE, but everything i open it up "Illegal operation" and my computer crashes... So I figured this would be a great opportunity to install Linux on a box... First I tried Morphix, and goblin-x both of which worked fine on other computer, but neither would install or live boot. Then I got Ubuntu from a friend. I tried a live boot, after about 35 minutes of a long list of errors it finally came up to a command prompt and nothing will run......

I was wondering if there is a lesser version of Linux that uses a windows manager and can run off a computer with....... 190MB of RAM and a 500MGhz processor (Pentium II i think)... Any help would be great... I'm just kinda lost and I really want to get my old computer to run again... well get on web pages with it and be able to download things off the internet with it.

-Thanks :)

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The iso extension usually indicates the file is a CD image. CD images need writing to the disk as if it where a bit for bit copy of a CD (which it is). This can be done with Nero, but there are free programs that allow you to do this in windows (such as ISOrecorder) but most Linux distros (and MAC OS X) can do this out of the box.

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well since its sitting beside u, then u have fill access to it, i suggest googling the kernal, and find some exploits for it, though if its not next to then ur gonna have some troubles getting infomation.

Found some exploits but do not know how to use them .

I'm using a linux box with mandriva 2007

the box I want to "hack" is running SUSE 10.1

I'm do not care if i break it I can always fix it.

More feed back would great!

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I guess this aint wt this topic was meant to be discussing

and i smell somethin baaaaaaaaaaad if it's ur box y do u want to break or have access to it and u can secure it by firewalls and antiviruses, actually u r using Linux so Just make Sure that u r secure w khalas :D:D

but if u wanna hack it i guess it's not allowed to be discussed in Hak5 (i may B wrong)


w khalas = and make it the end of the story (in Arabic)

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I have a linux box sitting off to the side of my network and I want to hack it to see how good the security is on it any hints on this ?

Please don't hijack threads, if you wish to ask a question please start your own thread.

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