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The F-bomb?


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I'm sorry, I couldn't get past

It is outrageous, in a post 9/11 world, that a company would use this type of marketing scheme

So, now, terrorists are using led signs as a means of doing their bidding. Oh the Horror! Why does every thing have to be about 9/11? Yes, it was tragic. Yes, a lot of innocent people died, but it over, its in the past, we need to move on. I mean we've already killed the Iraqi* scumbags that did it. If leds are terrorist weapons, I have a stockpile. Yeah, Fed's thats right, I said it, I have leds!

In a "pre 9/11" world, we would have said "oh thats cool." But apparently, now, anything with blinking leds is a bomb.

* Yes I know, they were Afghani. Its as joke.

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Because we know, just like in the movies, all bomb type devices have blinking led lights that let you know when it's going to detonate. :roll:

Figures, though, that Boston would be so hyped about this. Since next to NY, NY they'd be a prime target.

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I don't feel that turner should be stuck with the bill for this, they apparently told city ofishials a bout this I read someware that they actually had permits for the placement to - I found that rather amusing, but Turner has already agreed to pay 2 mil so the point I guess is moot.

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