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Anyone using NTOPNG?


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oh man, totally forgot about nTOPng, i started to play around with it. then just kind of forgot about it,

i don't have much experience with it tho, maybe a few weeks worth,

might have to fire it back up.

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6 hours ago, kdodge said:

There's also "Let Me Google That For You", a little less vulgar and insulting lol (but still a little bit insulting)


Oh, nice. Didn't knew about that site. I think I will use that for semi-stupid questions in future.

But don't get me wrong. Whenever you have a question, ask it. I'm not blaming and I never will blame someone for asking basic/"noob" questions. I'm against people, who don't even think of doing something by themselves. They just ask something and hope somebody will answer them, they don't even google it. If you show effort, you'll get your answers, I'm sure. You know, I would surely post a more detailed answer to a question like "I don't understand how <something> works. I googled it and tried troubleshooting by myself, here's what I already did: <examples>. Could somebody please give me some hints?" than to a question like "can somebody explain <something>".

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