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  1. In ascii (text) i dont see any chinese characters when I convert it.
  2. Would you mind posting the hexdump? in ascii that is. UTF-16 is kinda a pain to use on linux, and id like to take a look at it.
  3. This little guy caught my eye as well and i decided id share what i have learned about it... First of all, its running off the AirStash software. The previous versions of this software have had success running commands by exec in server side includes. This is not the case with the sandisk drive :( There is a firmware file available on the website here: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12713 placed on the root of the drive, the drive will flash the firmware. Ive ran the file through binrev with no success, maybe some weird compression i dont know too much about. A port scan of the device shows only httpd, the device also has webdav support. The device has the ability to connect to your own wifi, if you set it up via the app so that you can transfer files without loosing internet connection. When connected to the drive on the computer, on the root of the server is a status.xml file which basically provides all the information available to the app. (Wifi status, card status, etc) On the web interface there is also a settings page that allows you to change the name/set a password. This is probably the best attack vector. Thats all i got
  4. Ive got to go to bed soon, so i really cant tonight, if you haven't started ill look at it sometime during the week
  5. I found this: http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2802 kinda old, but its the only thing i can find using htmlshark.
  6. double post sorry, but looks like it does not actually work :/ you can revert it i guess.
  7. I havent gone as far as to start an actual stream, but looks like im getting a token. Ill commit.
  8. I edited my last reply. Check it out, grooveshark confuses me so im not entirely sure but im no longer getting any error.
  9. Have any idea why its not working? Edit: After some editing i now get this message: changing the client to htmlshark, i get: :)
  10. Just about to ask you :) {"header":{"session":"f3cbc523d2005404181b080809fb9284"},"fault":{"code":256,"message":"invalid token"}} same error your getting?
  11. Hows it going Brandon, need any help?
  12. Brandon what do you think about a complete rewrite to work with the same api as scilors program
  13. The api key got killed, till a new one is found, nothing can really be done.
  14. Ive done this, theres one issue however: Heat. the laptop gets very hot in a backpack, not sure if a ventilation backpack exists, or if it would even help 0_O
  15. Brandon, delboy Can you forward me the api key as well? Email (In Base64): eHF0ZnRxeEBnbWFpbC5jb20K To decrypt: echo eHF0ZnRxeEBnbWFpbC5jb20K | base64 -d [/CODE] Delboy you can also email me and ill forward it to brandon if youd like. Thanks
  16. You can check here: http://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?dsrcid=350662 If your on the list, the way i see it, this list of emails is going to be used for lots of spam.
  17. Just ordered mine http://cgi.ebay.com/ZipIt-Wireless-Messenger-Z2A-B00115PR2O-NEW-/160513932445?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255f603c9d
  18. Thanks for the advice! Ive removed the lolspam prefix on my main site (didnt mean to keep that), and im going to look into making it function like that website :), should be easy with mod_rewrite
  19. I read about this a while ago, i could not find the original article. But heres the basic concept, If youve ever made the mistake of putting your email adress in plain text on a webpage, youll understand the amount of spam you receive (depending on how popular the site is). The idea is to make long lists of fake email accounts and let the spam bots crawl them, sending large amounts of spam to places that don't exist. The success of this depends on how many of these pages we can get up, and how many sites link to each of them. I wrote some php code to automatically make a large list of email addresses using random characters, TLDs. You can view it here: http://xkid.biz/lolspam.php Ive called this piece of code LOLSpam, the source code is as follows #!/usr/bin/php <?php //LOL Spam - xkid.biz //Config Variables $base_domain=""; $email_prefix="lolspam_"; $max_length="12"; $max_gen="1000"; //Do Not Change These $abc= array("a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k", "l", "m", "n", "o", "p", "q", "r", "s", "t", "u", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z"); $tld= array(".ac",".ad",".ae",".aero",".af",".ag",".ai",".al",".am",".an",".ao",".aq",".as",".asia",".at",".aw",".ax",".az",".ba",".bb",".be",".bf",".bg",".bh",".bi",".biz",".bj",".bm",".bo",".br",".bs",".bw",".by",".bz",".ca",".cat",".cc",".cd",".cf",".cg",".ch",".ci",".cl",".cm",".cn",".co",".com",".coop",".cr",".cu",".cv",".cx",".cz",".de",".dj",".dk",".dm",".dz",".ec",".edu",".ee",".es",".eu",".fi",".fm",".fo",".fr",".ga",".gd",".ge",".gf",".gg",".gh",".gi",".gl",".gm",".gov",".gp",".gq",".gr",".gs",".gw",".gy",".hk",".hm",".hn",".hr",".ht",".hu",".id",".ie",".im",".in",".info",".int",".io",".iq",".ir",".is",".it",".je",".jo",".jobs",".jp",".kg",".ki",".km",".kn",".kr",".ky",".kz",".la",".lc",".li",".lk",".local",".ls",".lt",".lu",".lv",".ly",".ma",".mc",".md",".me",".mg",".mh",".mil",".mk",".ml",".mn",".mo",".mobi",".mp",".mq",".mr",".ms",".mu",".museum",".mv",".mw",".mx",".my",".na",".name",".nc",".ne",".net",".nf",".nl",".no",".nr",".nu",".org",".pa",".pe",".pf",".ph",".pk",".pl",".pn",".pr",".pro",".ps",".pt",".pw",".re",".ro",".rs",".ru",".rw",".sa",".sb",".sc",".sd",".se",".sg",".sh",".si",".sk",".sl",".sm",".sn",".so",".sr",".st",".su",".sy",".sz",".tc",".td",".tel",".tf",".tg",".th",".tj",".tk",".tl",".tm",".tn",".to",".travel",".tt",".tv",".tw",".ua",".ug",".us",".uz",".va",".vc",".vg",".vi",".vn",".vu",".ws",); $count="0"; $foo=$max_length; function get_rand($ar,$no_max = ""){ global $max_length; global $foo; if ("$no_max" == "1") { $max_length="1"; } $rand=""; $i="0"; $cc=count($ar) -1; while( $i < $max_length) { $rand=$rand.$ar[rand(0,$cc)]; $i++; } $max_length=$foo; return $rand; } function get_base() { global $base_domain; global $abc; global $tld; if (empty($base_domain)) { return get_rand($abc).get_rand($tld,"1"); } else { return $base_domain; } } while( $count < $max_gen) { echo "$email_prefix".get_rand($abc)."@".get_base()." "; $count++; } ?> Its dirty, but it works. I encourage you to put this piece of code on your website, and link to it, to help fight spam. I also encourage you to add on to my POC code, i planned on adding support for logging IPs/Useragents/Time of any bot that crawls the page.
  20. Ill do it. Name how much you wanna be charged and where you live (general area) PM if youd like
  21. Hey everyone. i have some giftcards that id like to sell if anybody wants to buy. Ill give you the code for each. 1 Year Xbox Live Card - $45 1600 Microsoft Points - $17 $15 iTunes Card - $13
  22. Should probably provide a patch... and link to original script. Thats kinda what GPL is about. Also, isnt having a streaming player like that sorta redundant? i thought the script was about downloading songs... Edit: I guess you can download, pretty nice actually. You have to click on the song name
  23. http://www.happyworm.com/jquery/jplayer/latest/demo-02.htm Could be used, so all songs are shown in 1 player instead of a lot of different players
  24. ive used JPlayer in other projects, a bit ago, just to try it out i added the Google Podcast player, which was too big to look good
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