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  1. Wow thanks for all the replys I kinda forgot about posting so I surprised when I saw all the replys. All ideals were noted, now I'm thinking about getting a setup like described above. Bump to see if anyone else has any ideals to add
  2. Im getting a droid x very soon, on monday I hope and iv been looking at some stuff like vnc, ssh and other stuff. I had a pretty cool ideal (I think)an android devise connected to a laptop in a backpack decked out with a Jasager and backtrack 4 r2. Its more of a way to do your hacking in a more hidden way I guess. my questions are has anyone done this and is there a way to make a vnc connection with a usb to a computer from an android (because i have a data plan:( ). Well I would just like to know if my ideal could be of use.
  3. ok im looking in to the jasager mark II and i was wondering what all dose it come installed with, and is there a tutorial made for ubuntu. preferably one that helps you set it up to connect wirelessly to it and show off what you can do with it???
  4. umm im about to buy this but the version II and if i buy it from the hak5 store dose it come installed with every thing and ready to use right out of the package. and if so what are the wares need to get this going on Linux? p.s. Linux is awesome. p.p.s. im sorry im really tired so sorry for spelling errors or not making sense.
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