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  1. Yeah, I know, I have to use the unoffical api for streaming,
  2. Ooh, that seems interesting, and it being written in PHP makes it all the better. :) I'll try to intergrate it later, if you haven't already
  3. They recently changed from a flash-based interface, to html based, with flash used for streaming, if that works, could you commit that to svn?
  4. Nope, no idea Or maybe I'm parsing something wrong
  5. Yep, the rest I have a different api, I just use that for the streaming
  6. More specifically, I couldn't get the token generation working
  7. Yeah, I kinda do, I can't get streaming working, I just commited what I had, maybe you could take a look at it?
  8. Unless it uses the offical api, then no, and I'm almost done anyway
  9. That one is too complicated to keep up with
  10. Is there any other way I can privately talk to you?
  11. I've been kinda busy lately, I think I might be able to do it tonight though
  12. I use a different API then what he uses
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