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BOM lan- band of mates lan


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ok so i made my decision

i'm going after destination (hey he buys me drinks XD)

in february i'm going to bomlan ...

and was wondering ....

are any of the dutch ppl on here interested in coming along ?

(djoek , cooper , .. ?)

the theme this year is apres-ski ...

more info on http://www.bomlan.be/

besides u got to love their monetairy system here's one of their coins


*translation : beer , fries and titty's *2 titty's *

so that coin is woth 2 titty's ....

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I'm confused but from the looks of the site it's not spam. Sounds like big fun LAN party. So DLSS, for those of us who arent familiar with BomLAN, can you explain it for us?
basically its a lanparty with a theme (this time its apres-ski) and i was wondering if some of us could meet up there and just have some fun ,

these smaller lanparty's mainly focus on the social part wich is great :D

there's always fun ppl @ the bar and usually those perfect girls (u kno beautifull yet intelligent)

and the bar @ a lanparty is defonnately one of the places u can have the greatest conversations)

(/me remembers story about girl wih bottle of bawls stuck up ... anyway)

also compared to the huge lans like occ on here u have a lot of space , (u get a complete table for yourself) and they have a full gigabit network ...

did i mention the 1 free keg of beer ?

o and they also have a console corner & a wii :P (hope they do a wii compo XD)

and of coarse lots of prizes.

comon guys you kno u want that beer ->


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