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Guess it is time to drop Chrome


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Well, I guess this was coming.  Google wants to break ad blockers in Chrome and do not care if they piss off their users.  Looks like I am going full blown firefox.



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Personally I use Opera, which has the benefits of the same base engine chrome uses, but without the chrome issues above. Also has built in ad-blocker, if you so choose, but I use Ad Block and Script blockers along with some other extensions. I can't see Opera limiting the same as Google is doing, considering their ad-blocker is built into Opera, it's an advantage built in at this point. I did use Brave for a while but somewhere I read that in doing so, you authorize them to use your data for other things, ie: they are the tracker you would otherwise be blocking with all the add ons like ad block and script block extensions, but does nothing to block them from seeing and tracking and sharing your info.


edit: see https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2018/12/24/brave-browser-is-collecting-donations-on-your-behalf-did-you-know/

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