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Using Drones to Deliver Hack Tools


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Hello All, I am new to the forum and posting based on advice from Hak5. want to demonstrate to my clients that drones 'could' be used as a cyber attack. The idea I had was to fly in and land one of the Nanos, with battery power,  on a rooftop or similar and gather data or mimic the current wi-fi of the location. There is also the ability to strategically drop one of the Hak5 USBs in a location that persons are likely to pickup.  Here is the question:  Based on my understanding, I would need constant power and internet connectivity if I was to position one of the NANOs on the roof top. As I will have a large standoff distance from the site, I will not be able to change the battery or tether to the internet. How can I ensure constant power and internet connectivity to the NANO? How can I keep it compact?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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There is nothing special about the Nano in its power or internet requirements so think of it as the same as any other computing device.

There is no way to give something constant power unless it is plugged in. Depending on the area you could try solar to keep batteries charged but a few bad weather days and that's out.

For the internet connection, just give it its own 4G dongle, just remember that will increase battery usage.

Unless your client is located in a fenced off or hard to access area, is there any reason for flying it in? Why not just walk past and drop it somewhere? You can then replace it whenever you know the battery level is low.

Whatever you do, be really careful not to cause a bomb scare.

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