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  1. Yes, it will, your traffic go to VPN server and back so public wifi can't track or read it
  2. I recommend you Private Internet Access VPN or Private tunnel VPN But don't think just because you have VPN you safe in internet
  3. Starcraft 2 is 10 years old game and people still play it I saw today WSG final, ZvZ, Serral and Reynor, game still looks great
  4. Heroes of might and magic 3 is my favorite of all time on pc and android Aslo Max Payne and sometimes i play chess with my friends
  5. gaming laptop? forget about it no such thing as a gamin laptop, only pc with normal graphics cards (not amd) and CP
  6. Windows 10 is full of spying soft, first thing you need to do is turn off all these shit and updates.
  7. whole day, maybe when i will be at my 30's my ass be in agonizing pain from all this sitting in front of the screen i know some people at age of 32 who talk about doctors and diseases all the times, don't wanna be like them
  8. i don't know about super saiyan powers, but vegan food is actually pretty good, no bulshitt i was recently in vegan cafe, order a vegan lasagna, they cook it for hour or so, lasagna was from vegetables and really tasty and coz they cook it so long they give me free vegan cake, thanks to them
  9. Your list look good, from the side you look like total paranoic, i recommend you to check out messenger Utopia at beta.u.is, new secured soft from paranoics like you and me
  10. We live in a world of total surveillance, call me paranoid, but i am sure someone watching us. I have nothing criminal to hide, but surveillance make me feel uncomfortable anyway so i decided use some private tools. I found out about MEGA cloud storage, VeraCrypt disk encryption software, protonmail email service and private vpn. I need a messenger, operating system, browser and many more. How you do stay anonymous in the internet? What tools do you use?
  11. I think yes. I don`t trust anything in 2019. Everyone is listening, everyone knows, everyone sees.
  12. I am more worried about the fact that this is China and the Chinese people’s ability to break into various types of VPN. be careful.
  13. Let me advise you to use only paid VPN services. And one of the best is NordVPN.
  14. depends on your budget. if too much money you send it right now. then tell me about your successes.
  15. I think that will continue to be better.
  16. are u serious? in the days of google... Paranoia is an instinct or thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality.
  17. and what are you doing for you safety and security?
  18. in fact, paranoia doesn`t even trust this.
  19. Well, i agree with this video to the certain point. I agree with this video, privacy is not only about vpn, lot's of other things depends on it. But i live in the country where i can be put in prison for my posts in the internet and some sites are blocked. And my vpn in the other country, and i am fine about CIA reading my dm's in instagram, because whatever i do they can't knock to my door and put me in prison.
  20. Yep, but i hope this AI not will be like in 2001 Space Odyssey, or this drones start hack our computers and phones, and we end up in the Terminator universe.
  21. Is this similar to pizza drones? looks like it i mean, drones is great, future and shit, but not for everything
  22. I personally use Private Internet Access, PIA VPN pretty cheap
  23. How you can access bank card and ATM? I head all ATMs have windows xp, maybe you can do something with that
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