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DVD Release


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darren talked about it on that (comically awful) radio show. It sounded as if they would be selling it off of the site - as merch. At least that's the impression i got.

for those that didn't listen, darren said that they would prolly release a dvd after ep 10 and call it their first season (apparenly it will also have been a year since they started?) he said there would be a bunch of extra content too.

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He said at the end of the season, after episode 12 or something, at which point they would have been going at it for a year, which would make it as good a reason as any.

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ok ok ya got me. i did say it on that craptacular radio show. im not sure if season1 ends at ep 10, 11, or 12 but technically ep10 is our 1 year aniversary since we started ep1 development 2 months before it was released.

anyway, regardless of where the season1 line is drawn we'll be taking a month off to produce the dvd which will be loaded with extra features. we've got so much extra stuff its ridicilous.

and yeah, it would be nice to make some money off this crazy hobby.

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