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No more stickers with orders?


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I ordered the Hak5 Elite FIeld kit over Black Friday and received it yesterday. I noticed that there wasn't a single sticker in the box though. When I spoke to support, they pretty much just referred me over to the store where I can "order" stickers.

Sorry, but if I'm spending $400+ on a kit, I'm not looking to order any stickers. I'm kinda expecting some to be in there since I've received stickers for a much smaller purchase from Hak5.

Is there any way to receive complimentary stickers for the large purchase? Or is buying them the only way to receive them now?

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I bought a one of each sticker set when they were on sale recently... they're reasonably inexpensive...  

The problem now is if they do start to give then away free with the higher end field kits how will they please people who have recently purchased the kits and didn't get them...

  • I recently purchased an Elite Field Kit, Nano Tactical, Tetra Tactical, and HackRF field kits and never received a set of stickers...  They're pretty trivial but still fun upgrading one's laptop sticker game...  and for the patches and other nicknacks I received a pineapple wifi patch with the Nano Tactical and one for the Tetra Tactical.  I thought it would have been nice to get the Trust Your Technolus pull tag but overall in the end I'm very happy that I receive the hardware that I ordered. 
  • The tools and learnig are more important.
  • I think more importantly for the shop is to maybe update the information ont he product packages.  The Tetra Tactical doesn't come with a battery anymore and it would be good to list an appropriate battery and source for us to purchase separately on our own if Hak5 can no longer offer them as part of their package.  It is nice they include a set of upgraded panel antennas but if I recall my last visit to the product page they are not mentioned as part of the order.
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On 12/12/2018 at 4:05 AM, becker said:

I would expect the free stickers as well from larger purchase. They might forgotten to include them on your order.

Do you really want the stickers or anything else that advertises what you are using? This might be why they didn't send them, but I agree that it would be nice to have them (even if they are simply used at home. Some products do come with a removable velcro decal, so that might be the only other option (just my views)😎

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