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  1. Hello everyone, I ordered a second Signal Owl because I wanted another one even after experiencing a few problems with the first unit. I had already placed a support ticket with Hak5 and was waiting for information on how to proceed. While I was waiting I decided to do a few tests to see how things were working with a good or new unit compared to a unit that was giving me problems. Here are a few expectations based on some of the documentation and conveyed information within this forum. When flashing a firmware the device will flash and the upgrade-x.x.x.bin file will be removed from the USB device. When loading a payload the payload will be copied from the USB device to the Signal Owl. When I received the new Owl (Owl2) I tried to power it on and attempt to SSH into it before flashing the current upgrade. Owl2 did not look like it was booting up correctly according to the LED sequences. The LED blinked a few times and then stopped and remained off. So I flashed the current upgrade-1.0.0.bin file from a SanDisk Fit 16Gb formatted FAT32 and the Owl LED looked to be blinking activity normally. After a few minutes it looked to be completed and I powered off the Owl and checked the USB flash drive on my laptop and the .bin file was missing/removed (I'm assuming this is done during the firmware flashing sequence). I was able to reboot the Owl and SSH into it successfuly. I tried to load the wifi connect payload from the same USB drive to the Owl without success and couldn't understand why with a new Signal Owl. Then I decided to test both Signal Owls with 3 different USB drives formatted in both FAT32 and Ext4. I used a SanDisk Fit 16Gb, SanDisk Fit 32Gb, and a Samsung 32Gb USB flash drive. I formatted all 3 drives as FAT32 and copied upgrade-1.0.0.bin to all 3 of them and attempted to flash the firmware to Owl1 and all 3 attempts did not complete as expected. I erased the upgrade-1.0.0.bin file and copied the wifi connect payload to all 3 drives to copy and rin the payload and all 3 attempts did not complete as expected. The payload remained on the USB drive but the payload directory on the Signal Owls remained empty so they did not copy over. I reformatted the USB drives with Ext4 and attempted the same tests and had the same results. So now I'm not sure what's going on or how to continue. I submitted a ticket with this same information and waiting for a response. I'm open to testing things if anyone has any suggestions. Let me know...
  2. I'm still interested... How much was Hak5 retailing it for and what are you asking for it?
  3. Are you guys sure it's completely "bricked"? I'm having some issues with mine whee I can't get a payload to transfer from usb storage to the device. It was working at one point but for some reason it is not so I too am looking for a reset solution of some type. But not being able to load a payload or firmware from usb storage doesn't mean it's not working. I am still able to get it into arming mode and I can SSH into it and navigate the directories. I can 'cat' the payload to see it's not the same one I have on the usb and I can manually 'cp' and 'rd' the loot files. But other than that it's really not working correctly if I can't flash or replace a payload... so I need a reset solution. I agree that it's relatively cheap and I too am going to order another one or two to keep playing with.
  4. These are instructions for the Pineapple, not the Signal Owl. I’m not sure if this will work in your cases. Has anyone tried and confirmed this?
  5. But if you NEED to, you might be able to attach a USB keylogger to the port closest to the pigtail and then connect a keyboard to that so it passes through to the system you're connecting it too...
  6. I would also like to know if this is possible.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm interested in getting the Hak5 Long Range WiFi Bundle but it's been sold out for a very very long time and I've not ever received a notice that it has ever been in stock. If it has recently how can we tell? If anyone has information on the parts that make up this bundle I'd be interested in the information. I'll try to piece together a kit myself if I have to. I just purchased through Hak5 the Booster that is currently on sale. I can get the USB cable and adapter if I have to. All that would be missing is the wrap and the radio. The radio looks like an Alfa Long Range USB Adapter. I purchased an Alfa AWUS036NEH 802.11 bgn Long-Range USB Adapter 150Mbps separately online. Doing a little research and finding this site at https://wikidevi.com/wiki/ALFA_Network_AWUS036NEH it looks like it has the same specs listed on the Hak5 page. Just need some kind of confirmation. If anyone can help me with information I'd appreciate it. Kid of wondering what parts are missing or out of stock at Hak5 that this item has been out of stock for so long.
  8. How long or when did Dell start doing that? Horrible...
  9. I forgot to mention that I was told that using Kali as a primary Linux setup is not the best. It's geared too much toward PenTesting and not for everyday work... Not sure how much of that is true. I usually have 1 normal distro and 1 pentesting distro. So on my VM setups I have Debian and I have a separate VM for Kali. If I get the laptop build I want I'll have my drive partitioned 3 ways, 1 for Windows, 1 for Debian, and 1 for Kali. I don't think I'll go back to Mac from here on unless I have a real need/reason. My initial need/reason was for school and software development because you can develope in all 3 platforms. Apple likes to F with people in that it's really hard to learn to develop in their environment without having their hardware... sorry, ranting now.... Hopefully someone can chime in on using Kali as a primary... might have to research that more...
  10. On my MacBook Pro I have 8Gb. I dual boot between macOS and Windows using BootCamp and then I use VMWare Pro to VM my Linux setups and anything else I need to test or develope on. In my VM's I configure whatever distro I use with 2 Cores and 2Gb of RAM. I'm still new and still playing with things and so far so good. I've not come across a problem yet. I would like to have a dedicated Linux build instead of virtual machining it but I can't afford it at the moment. I do have 1 laptop that I consider a beast for myself. A Lenovo ThinkPad W540 with an i7 and 32Gb of RAM and 1Tb SSD. I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. Right now it's not convenient for me to lug that thing around compared to my MacBook Pro (13" vs 17" and maybe 3lbs heavier). It has a few issues that I need to work through (keyboard repair and a full reconfiguration). This laptop I bought with 8Gb and later upgraded it to 32 when I had the cash... Also upgraded the 250Gb Hybrid Drive to an 1Tb SSD. Really wish this MacBook wasn't as closed architectured as it is....
  11. You can buy what you can afford now and upgrade the RAM later. Unless it's an Apple product or another vendor that likes to solder their memory in place you should be able to open up the case and add or replace/upgrade the memory. I've done it with my IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads without fail. Wish I could do it with my MacBook Pro.
  12. Where is this spring supposed to be? I can't figure out how to get the black cone off to see if I can find a solution to this problem. I removed the screw that holds the antenna to the base but that's as much as I could disassemble without totally destroying the base. I attempted to use a couple of plyers to see if I can twise the cone off but no go... I ordered an antenna package from amazon, and I hope it works out. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073JWDXMG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not exactly portable compared to the ANT500 but should still work and it was cheap at $15. This might be suitable for the HackRF but might be a little awkward for the YARD Stick that came with the kit. What antenna(s) would you recommend? Hopefully something that will fit in the field kit wrap.
  13. I bought a one of each sticker set when they were on sale recently... they're reasonably inexpensive... The problem now is if they do start to give then away free with the higher end field kits how will they please people who have recently purchased the kits and didn't get them... I recently purchased an Elite Field Kit, Nano Tactical, Tetra Tactical, and HackRF field kits and never received a set of stickers... They're pretty trivial but still fun upgrading one's laptop sticker game... and for the patches and other nicknacks I received a pineapple wifi patch with the Nano Tactical and one for the Tetra Tactical. I thought it would have been nice to get the Trust Your Technolus pull tag but overall in the end I'm very happy that I receive the hardware that I ordered. The tools and learnig are more important. I think more importantly for the shop is to maybe update the information ont he product packages. The Tetra Tactical doesn't come with a battery anymore and it would be good to list an appropriate battery and source for us to purchase separately on our own if Hak5 can no longer offer them as part of their package. It is nice they include a set of upgraded panel antennas but if I recall my last visit to the product page they are not mentioned as part of the order.
  14. I recently received my RF HACKING FIELD KIT and I'm using the ANT500 with the HackRF. The antenna screws onto the HackRF and the screw connection is snug but the antenna point of connection is loose. The antenna swivels and falls to the table and I'm not sure how to tighten it to keep it standing up. This is not the screw or attachment point with the philips screw, this is something under the black cone. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution? If not I might have to keep a couple of LEGO pieces in my field kit to create a little stand to keep the antenna upright.
  15. For me it is a really good show/series. I think if it were a movie it would not be as good having all that has happened already condensed into a movie .
  16. Just saw an announcement that the following season (4th, 2018,19) of Mr. Robot will be it’s last. The show was an inspiration... I met Rami Malek a while back at an RSA conference in San Francisco. I got a signed Mr. Robot t-Shirt too...
  17. Is there documentation to all or any of the Hak5 line of products we can download for offline viewing and reference when needed? I’d like to keep copies locally to reference when I’m offline or in the field...
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