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  1. becker

    What is Your Favorite EA Games?

    Battlefield and Medal of Honor. Just when my uncle got this mustang project and gave him a hand on installing the new set of tires and forged wheels, got me hooked on tires and got a TJ project on my own. That's when I started to play the NFS and the series.
  2. becker

    Forums Section for Cryptology?

    Does this sub-section for crypto materialized?
  3. becker

    Connections issues

    Experienced this today. Gonna give this a try
  4. becker


    Going to try this as well.
  5. becker

    Best way to destroy HDD?

    Or slicing ninja style.
  6. becker

    Best way to destroy HDD?

    Good list. I'd like to see how it got destroyed by a hydraulic press.