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  1. becker

    Canon cs100

    Hey, there. See if this thread could help you or give you any idea: I'll also ask my buddy who had CS100. I'll come over to give him a hand for the installation of the new railings and are fusion tonneau cover on his truck. If I remember it right, he accidentally formatted the hdd and was able to fix it from cloning.
  2. becker

    Thimbleweed Park

    Just heard of it. Or maybe from a guy from local meet up as well. Gonna check it out.
  3. I would expect the free stickers as well from larger purchase. They might forgotten to include them on your order.
  4. That's too bad to hear! Hope they got it resolved by now.
  5. There are many public wifi's that are not safe. VPN seems one of the best solutions.
  6. Battlefield and Medal of Honor for me!
  7. Meet at least one step higher of the required specs, especially on internet connection speed.
  8. Battlefield and Medal of Honor. Just when my uncle got this mustang project and gave him a hand on installing the new set of tires and forged wheels, got me hooked on tires and got a TJ project on my own. That's when I started to play the NFS and the series.
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