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seems plasable, ive seen a few that utalise changing from Fat32 to NTFS, then but cutting out the proccess b4 its finshed it corrupts the HDD, though by the looks of that, it seems either an Unistall XP command sorta thing or a as memntion delete all using the wild card was used then a paramater to ingore on fail.

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So 'del' is a virus now?

'del /F /S /Q c:*' is just the windows equivalent of 'rm -rf /' and is nothing special, it's just an effective demonstration of why you shouldn't be running as administrator.

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I wish viruses were that simple then I wouldnt have to spend all that money on antivirus programs. Ha but then all these computer security guys would be out of work. But sadly thats my fantasy world real computer viruses have to be able to be self executing and reproduce.

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