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Internet blocked whenever i connect my pineapple to my macbook air


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Hey everyone,

whenever I connect my pineapple nano to my macbook air, all of my internet is cut except for the one that goes to my pineapple. I can only go to the pineapple's webpage and nothing else. As soon as I unplug the pineapple, all other web pages load fine. I followed everything perfectly, I just can't seem to find the reason why my pineapple's acting so weird. I have internet sharing turned on as well. Is it because I'm using a Mac?

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you need to set the order for your network under the network section of your settings on your macbook.  it should go wifi then pineapple, that way you always have internet and can still access the wifi pineapple.  it will be a setting in the lower left under all your network interfaces.

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