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  1. Hey everyone, whenever I connect my pineapple nano to my macbook air, all of my internet is cut except for the one that goes to my pineapple. I can only go to the pineapple's webpage and nothing else. As soon as I unplug the pineapple, all other web pages load fine. I followed everything perfectly, I just can't seem to find the reason why my pineapple's acting so weird. I have internet sharing turned on as well. Is it because I'm using a Mac?
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a wifi pineapple and I'm worried about the limited flash memory. Is there a way to use the micro sd as rootfs? In other words, how can I boot off the micro sd card? Thanks!
  3. What do you mean? Does it mean I still have to use a payload file? Also, do I have to boot it in payload mode, or can I boot in arming mode and still use the payload to SSH into the bash bunny?
  4. Hello I am thinking of buying a smash rabbit and I want to find out a way to ssh into it. I heard that if I want to SSH into the rabbit I have to "waste" a payload for the bunny to emulate RNIDS_ETHER. Is this correct? Or is there some other way for it to emulate a usb-to-ethernet adapter upon boot without having to use a payload? I dunno, stick something in the .profile? Thanks!
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