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Which layout is better?  

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    • http://slashwebfilters.org
    • http://slashwebfilters.org/11index.php

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Ok im sure most if not all of you don't care but I have recoded my entire proxy website and i need some traffic. The new address is http://slashwebfilters.org. The old one is http://slashwebfilters.com.Tell me which one you guys like better in the design and functionality and also any suggestions for more features.

I also have a new layout. you can still compare with the old one at http://slashwebfilters.org/11index.php

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I'm sorry but I'm going to be blunt, but that is a truely awful website. It looks like something I would create when I was 12 after just watching the Matrix.

1. Loose the Green.

2. Have a number of background colours so I can tell where the content is and the menu ends.

3. You have a large black empty space at the bottom of the page, why? I have just wasted time scrolling to the bottom to find nothing.

4. Change hyperlink colours.

5. Redesign the layout in general, some things are too big, some are too small.

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well, the .com one is very bad 'cause it doesnt go anywhere to the proxy or atleast is hidden well enought that i didnt find it right away, and the whole idea of loading other people's proxy sites in iframes is just plain dumb. If you are going to do that make a small frame that is displayed at the top or bottom of the window, with an option to break out of it. You really need to set up your own proxy on your own server for this to work.

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Also, you may want to get a different banner for the top, its blurry and really its just a few brushes and some text.

The funcutanilty seems to work ok, but really you need to change the layout. It just looks so disconnected. The banner at the top is obviously something thats been knocked up in photoshop in a few mins. The menu at the side is just text made into links and theres little buttons to random things at the sides.

I think a consistent, but easy to read style of font, and maybe jsut change the general stle of it. =]


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wow tough crowd.

I did think of changing the color scheme but im not that creative.

Forums were done the best way we could think of to match the site and have everything visible.

The picture is blurry caues some company made it for me and I didn't feel like paying for it so i attempted to erase the water mark and blow it up 10 times from the size i was given. Yes it was done in a few minutes(which is why i didnt pay for it)

I never actually tested the proxy page so i forgot to make it so they open in the same window, not the iframe, so i will fix that.

Any idea for a new style?

Edit: Deleted dupe post(s). Moonlit.

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