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dvd rips


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Do you live in America?

Dont be mean. ah come on!... i could think of a

variety of reasons not to help the guy (search: google,

Digg, or this forum,etc..) but where he lives?

Jeebus, stupid (payed for) laws should not be respected. I for

one will not respect them if they start enforcing them in this country. Just say



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well say u wanted to back up ur original copys of ur DVD's and store them in a safe place inside ur house were ofcorse your backed up copies will remain for the rest of there illegitamet lives, i would suggest getting hold of a copy of DVD Shrink (freeware), and a copy of Slyfox AnyDVD (trail - *cough* easly fixed *cough*). Then with Nero, or another burning ROM, you are able to copy and DVD inculding ones that are duel layer (whats its name 9)

Also please note, that within australia it is rumored that laws have been passed preventing the copying of your own DVD's to store onsite. And that the original DVD must never be duplicated onto HDD, DVD, VCD, or VHS.


- DVD Shrink: http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/

- Slyfox AnyDVD http://www.free-codecs.com/download/AnyDVD.htm

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