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Looking for a little help with setting up my wifi pineapple nano I just got today.

I am using a macbook pro (host) with Kali (VBox) and Kali (VMware).

I initially started the setup of my pineapple on my mac using firefox and make it all the way to making the AP and assigned passwords. However, somewhere along the way I did something that has seemed to brick my pineapple.

I have tried to reset the pineapple at least a dozen times, using the same method each time, from multiple websites, inside my mac os and Kali - VBox and VMware. When I plug in my pineapple, it blinks very rapidly.

1. unplugged pineapple

2. held down reset button --> plugged in pineapple using the usb eth to usb

3. released the reset button after 10 sec

4. used lsusb to ensure Kali was reading the pineapple as a usb

5. ifconfig and found pineapple on eth2, however mac address was different than what was on the bottom???

6. ifconfig eth2 netmask up  --> ifconfig to verify the change

---here is where the problems begin---

#pineapple would drop its ip address of It would only show the ipv6

7. entered into firefox and would SOMETIMES get the firmware update page.

8. would load the firmware 'upgrade-2.0.1.bin', pineapple would flash rapidly

9. change the ip address back to, 'ifconfig eth2 netmask up'

10. entered into firefox browser and would get a "firefox can't establish a connection at'

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here are the websites I have used to assist:




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@Foxtrot, thanks for update. I did end up getting the nano up and running; initially on my mac. I then was able to get it to work with my Kali VM

Now just having issues getting an internet connection to my nano via wp6 script on Kali VM.... I was able to utilize the wireless usb device and connect to the client so my computer was able to connect, but no such luck wired.    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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