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I used to have a huge collection in the 90's of 2600, blacklisted411 and a few others i can't remember the names of. 2600 was what the others modeled themselves after for sure though. Borders Books and Music used to be where I would get them, but the store went out of business(at least in my area they did). Barnes & Nobles still have them for the most part too.



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I was an original subscriber.  Back in the day, there was useful information there.  Of course that was a day without an internet and so getting a hack out to general readers in a month or so was a great thing.   There was also a magazine called '73' which was mainly for Radio Hams but went beyond the boy scout follow the rules articles in other sources.  Radar Trap hacking was a topic I remember from then.  One especially interesting one used passive modulation to trick a radar trap into indicating a false speed.  


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