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  1. Infoskirmish

    USB Armory

    Ah ok, that makes sense. Thank you for the insight.
  2. Infoskirmish

    Ngrep wpa handshake?

    Anyone know of a resource / tutorial for ngreping a pcap file for a wpa handshake?
  3. Infoskirmish


    Anyone still read 2600? Back in the day it was kind of the bomb.
  4. Infoskirmish

    USB Armory

    What's the deal with the USB Armory? From what I can see it's basically just a USB stuck for booting into an OS? How is this different than just making a bootable USB stick? Anyone have one that can share some insights?
  5. Infoskirmish

    Firmware upgrade?

    When is the next firmware upgrade going to be release?
  6. Infoskirmish

    Firmware v1.2 Wishlist

    What would you like to see added to firmware v1.2? Here are a couple of my suggestions. Native gpg or other public/private key encryption support pip support for adding libraries