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  1. Thanks for the heads up on T-Mobile. Definitely saves me a trip. Yeah I haven't seen/heard much information on which carriers work the best with the 3G Turtle.
  2. Can anyone recommend a carrier for the using the 3G LAN ?? I am currently a T-Mobile customer and could add a line but wanted to make sure I explored all options before just adding a line for basically data only. Thanks for all the help!
  3. reubadoob


    Mine are in the mail. I'll let you know when they arrive
  4. I see them in Barnes & Noble every now and then. I remember thinking how cool those magazines were. Now I just think anything in print related to hacking is dated. Which isn't necessary the case.
  5. Leave it to the government to ruin some good clean fun
  6. Anyone else come up with any creative designs for a discreet Tetra Case?
  7. While we all wait I thought I'd put together the Hak5 Kit To Rule Them All (it's a slow day in school today). Long Range USB WiFi Adapter $19.99 Micro Ethernet Switch $14.99 WiFi Pineapple - TETRA $199.99 WiFi Pineapple - NANO $99.99 Hak5 Field Kit Pocket Guide $19.99 WiFi Pineappling Book $12.00 LAN Turtle - LAN Turtle 3G $250.00 LAN Turtle - LAN Turtle SD $54.99 LAN Turtle - LAN Turtle Classic $44.99 USB Rubber Ducky - USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe $44.99 Bash Bunny $99.99 Packet Squirrel $59.99 SUBTOTAL: $921.90 Adapters & Cables: USB OTG adapter Micro USB Y-Cable USB A to USB C adapter USB A male to female extension Micro SD USB card reader Micro USB cables USB Ethernet adapter Retractable Ethernet cable Elite Hak5 Gear organizer Pair of Trust Your Technolust key-ring flight tags Anker PowerCore+ 13400 USB Battery SUBTOTAL: $????
  8. If Hak5 offered a custom field kit I'd be all over that option in addition to speaking with a tax account to figure out how I could write off the purchase
  9. Darren said Monday (23 OCT) but I don't mind waiting. I'm sure they have to figure out which LAN Turtle(s) are going to go in which kit now there are 3 of them among other logistics, supply chain and pricing stuff that goes along with new products being added to the catalog. Regardless of what the price is though I'm buying the Elite Kit!
  10. I'm just waiting for the Elite Field Kit to be updated.... But I would really like to know is how much LAN could a LAN Turtle LAN if there was 3 LAN turtles in Elite Hack Kit?
  11. Someone on Twitter is pointing out the Packet Squirrel is running OpenWRT: https://twitter.com/Kurobeats/status/921721941702057986
  12. Sounds good. Just to confirm the Livestream starts @ 7pm PST? On YouTube?
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