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  1. Hak5 on MassDrop.com

    Currently on MassDrop.com are several Hak5 items including the Bash Bunny, LAN Turtle, USB Rubber Ducky and few others . For those who don't know what MassDrop.com is, it is a community submitted group-buy website. Anyone can submit a product or category of products vote on them and MassDrop will contact the community selected product & company and hopefully be able to work out group-buy/discount. I say all that to point out there has already been voting going on for "Penetration testing research tool". Currently the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky is in the lead with ~333 votes. Once the poll reaches a total of 500 votes MassDrop.com reaches out. The current polling results can been seen here. The poll is currently @ ~455 votes so it only needs ~45 more. So go vote!
  2. VPN

    $15 Credit @ Digital Ocean with coupon code LOWENDBOX Sign up for a $5 server and get 3 more months for free essentially.
  3. Lan Turtle 3g?

    Here's the artist's Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/tazbedevilled/ Here she is with @Darren Kitchen a this years DEF-CON:
  4. How Can the LAN Turtle Discover Network IP Range?

    @Niceday Thanks for the very thorough explanation but what I am after is how to get the LAN Turtle to find the IP Range automatically without prior input and then point back to the VPS automatically as well.
  5. Lan Turtle 3g?

    Any one have a better picture of those cute little animals?
  6. How Can the LAN Turtle Discover Network IP Range?

    Yeah it was pretty clear from @Just_a_User post the Packet Squirrel is something new all together. But when you say Are you saying it was just a one off creation? Because in the context of the other thread, Lan Turtle 3g, it seemed like it was a version 2 of the LAN Turtle with a price tag. I know we're getting off track here but if there is another LAN Turtle coming which will solve my original question of how to go about getting the IP range of a Target/Victim network I may consider holding off purchasing the current gen Turtle. As oppose to trying to piece together some bash script (I know next to zilch about coding, especially for the LAN Turtle) I get this concept of how the current LAN Turtle would go about doing it just don't have the skillz myself to do it. Yet...
  7. How Can the LAN Turtle Discover Network IP Range?

    @Dave-ee Jones I did some forum-search-fu and from what I'm finding is @Just_a_User pictures of what in guessing is a new LAN 🐢? Soooo....When is it going to be released?
  8. How Can the LAN Turtle Discover Network IP Range?

    @Sebkinne thanks for the response! WIthout owning a LAN Turtle (yet!) I am assuming the ifconfig bash script can be 1. Run as a LAN Turtle module as soon as it's plugged into the "target/victim" 2. "Auto-connect" to VPS/VPN 3. Enjoy! Like I said I'm just making some assumptions here. Thanks again!
  9. Hello all! I was recently watching the video Access Internal Networks with Reverse VPN connections - Hak5 1921 and around 15:15 of the video @Darren Kitchen mentions: I was wondering what are some of those "ways" the LAN Turtle can discover the IP range of the network it's connected to and then make itself available for connection via VPN? Not doubtful just interested in learning the process! Thanks!