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Device Problem


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I Use Zadig to Intstall Driver, Driver Installed (Win USB) But When I UseSDRSharp, I Faced Device Not Found Error. I Update My Windows, I Use Driver Toolkit,...

I Tested on Windows is 10 Enterprise & Windows 7 Ultimate

What I Should Do?

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Thanks trapman16

But I Use this Site Before & I read it 100 Times!

I Also use The rtl-sdr forums too.

But No Result! Any Other Way?

2 Questions:

1- I Do This Things On Windows 10 Should I Change The OS ( Change to 8.1)(My Laptop Is Dell N5110)?

2- From Where I Can Download ADS-B ( Air Plane Tracking) Tool (GitHub?)?

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I know Windows 10 has some issues with the software but not major problems.  So you have tried installing as admin? It is hard to tell without more info but it sounds to me like your drivers are not actually installing for the adapter.  Not sure if you have looked at this: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/getting-the-rtl-sdr-to-work-on-windows-10/  the webpage has some info on doing so as admin which is known to help on windows 10.  


The Windows 10 upgrade process appears to replace the WinUSB drivers with the Windows DVB-T ones

You may want to check on this as found on the webpage. If they were properly installed you should see the device in SdrSharp.  You should look into that first, I'm sure a google search will result in some info on the topic.  


On your second question, yes there are some projects on github for it I believe.  You should check out the Stratux project.  As a pilot I have built and used one.  They are a very nice raspberry pi ADS-B device for both bands.  You can use a wide range of SDR radios on it.  FlightBox offers a variety of parts but you can source them from many sources.

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From sdrsharp files after unzipped. Did you run the install program that came with sdrsharp? 

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