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  1. trapman16

    About drone control

    I agree with what your saying. Just thought I would bring up that there are a few rare cases where it might actually be in the gray area. The black vans showing up would depend on how far and whose devices you ended up jamming. The even harder part to stay legal on "jamming" a drone is if it is using any sort of rolling code, encryption, frequency shift, etc. You aren't supposed to broadcast a signal with encryption except in some rare cases.
  2. trapman16

    About drone control

    I can see this being a fair argument.
  3. trapman16

    About drone control

    I suppose I should have went into more detail. "Jam" a device no. But there are documented situations were a a ham radio operator is not doing an illegal act if operating within a frequency range and power level of a band, with a "broadcast signal stronger that another device" that causes a "jamming" type situation. I know this just sounds like a wording game but its more of a technical matter in the radio world. One good example is the use of OpenBTS to make a cell tower. There is nothing illegal about it on the right frequency and power levels allowed to amateur radio operators. It becomes illegal when it has malicious intent to force users to a tower used for eavesdropping, etc .
  4. trapman16

    Noaa Weather Satellite Images Antenna Help

    Haven't used one myself but hear good thing about them. Been wanting to actually looking into setting something up similar. Use to do some HF WeatherFax. Fun to mess with sometimes if you have the right radio equipment.
  5. trapman16

    Problem with Fern WFI cracker

  6. trapman16

    About drone control

    There are some builds that can be found online for drone jammers in these ranges (mainly 5.8 GHz). Most of the time when it comes to jamming that's true. It might be possible with a ham radio license 🤔 But hard to say for the linked devices since the specs aren't very in depth.
  7. trapman16


    Glad to hear its working. I would start by doing some reading up on the metasploit framework and tools that use it for things like this. Tons of tutorials, videos, guides, etc out there.
  8. trapman16


    The AWUS036H has been a long time reliable adapter. I recommend the AWUS036NH with rt3070 chipset if you want N support and newer chipset than the rtl8187 (still been around a while). Some don't like the AWUS036NH due to no 5 GHz but that just depends on your needs really. I'd really like to give AWUS036ACH a go but haven't seen a reliable guide showing good support of the adapter.
  9. trapman16

    Problem with Fern WFI cracker

    I see this a lot, and several popular programs have issues with the rtl8812au chipset. I prefer the AWUS036NH if you don't need 5 GHz. Works right out of the box with kali and good support. Never have had to load a modified driver for it. But I know, it doesn't support 5 GHz....
  10. trapman16

    Problem with Fern WFI cracker

    I would do a google search to find some good info on updating the driver to hopefully resolve your problem with the adapter. Several good sources can be found.
  11. trapman16


    The payload refers to the exe ad "laZagne.exe" not "laZagne_x64.exe" Try to rename the exe file in both locations and give it a try again.
  12. trapman16

    Problem with Fern WFI cracker

    What version of kali are you running? More than likely a driver issue. The AWUS036ACH supports monitor and injection but from reports on other forums there is a lot of driver issues. I personally have not used the adapter, but have seen people report the kali default driver does not work and requires updating.
  13. trapman16


    Here are some version 2 photos. Let me know what you think! New features include: 30% reduction in overall size new CNC router cut mount plate External Ethernet port new thinner fan grilles (CNC router cut) removed almost 20ft of cabling with custom USB cables to all devices and shorting of power wires. There is additional room in the enclosure for some soon to come updates. Also going to cut the fan openings into the enclosure with CNC router for a sleeker look as well. Going to use a slimmer Ethernet port (just used the one I had). Still working out the battery pack but hope to finish up its design soon as well.
  14. trapman16

    Range - AWUSO36NH vs AWUSO36ACH ?

    AWUS036NH has some of the best range wise of usb adapters for 2.4 GHz that I have tested. A lot of times it seems to have stronger signal than other adapters, not necessary more APs.
  15. trapman16


    If you have a particular goal in mind for the adapter you may want to check that it is compatible. Like @Dave-ee Jones said, a google search can give you some helpful information from other peoples experiences.