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  1. Device Problem

    I know Windows 10 has some issues with the software but not major problems. So you have tried installing as admin? It is hard to tell without more info but it sounds to me like your drivers are not actually installing for the adapter. Not sure if you have looked at this: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/getting-the-rtl-sdr-to-work-on-windows-10/ the webpage has some info on doing so as admin which is known to help on windows 10. You may want to check on this as found on the webpage. If they were properly installed you should see the device in SdrSharp. You should look into that first, I'm sure a google search will result in some info on the topic. On your second question, yes there are some projects on github for it I believe. You should check out the Stratux project. As a pilot I have built and used one. They are a very nice raspberry pi ADS-B device for both bands. You can use a wide range of SDR radios on it. FlightBox offers a variety of parts but you can source them from many sources.
  2. Device Problem

    You may want to refer to this website: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-quick-start-guide/ It has some good information as to what is required to get SDR Sharp working with those usb adapters. A screenshot of the error could also help with resolving your issue if it continues after trying the linked guide.
  3. Change default adapter for WiFi hotspot?

    What OS are you using? If your running linux with hostapd its just changing the settings in the config file.
  4. Airmon on RPI 3

    What model of USB dongle do you have?
  5. Using a balloon as an antenna?

    That's interesting. I have seen this to be a problem before. And the quality of the suppressors can play a big role in it as well.
  6. Best Password Manager?

    I have heard good things about KeePass. Used it some and seems to be user friendly after playing around with it for a few minutes. But there are many good options
  7. WarBox

    Could mod it to have 11 radios. Would be kind of costly tho.. Might just have to do it for the fun of it!
  8. Using a balloon as an antenna?

    @barry99705 so sounds like more of a lightning strike on the network or power line? Its no fun and you always wonder if you will see more damage days later to equipment not totally cooked by the strike. I always recommend some sort of strike suppression device on feed lines from towers/masts. One local ISP will install strike suppressors at the interface box if you request it.
  9. WarBox

    @barry99705 Like the pictures. Looks like it was a pretty cool project!
  10. Using a balloon as an antenna?

    Whatever gets the job done. Looks like some nice little mast poles! I wouldn't worry to much about lightning especially if you have grounded them. Proper mast grounding can make it almost "invisible" to lightning hugely reducing your chances of a strike, but it is still possible.
  11. Using a balloon as an antenna?

    I have used 30 ft of 1 in pvc before with no issue as long as you support it on the side of a house, barn, etc. for a quick temporary test with a very small antenna. I have once seen someone actually use 4 in pvc for a permanent mast at around 25 ft but wouldn't necessary recommend it. I would agree with you free standing to use metal conduit but like you said both are only for testing, not anything permanent. Was just some ideas. Good, cheap mast pole if you can find some is old oil field pipe or well casing.
  12. Using a balloon as an antenna?

    @thedeadhand54 I would recommend the quadcopter option as well if possible. The weather balloon could be tricky to do an accurate test, especially if there is any wind that would cause it to drift one direction. You could also by cheap pvc pipe to hoist it into the air temporarily for testing then you would know what kind of tower height you are looking at as well. You could use 1" sch 40 pvc that is only a few dollars per 10 ft joint but this would probably be limited to 20-30 ft tall and still be able to hold it. How high of a tower are you thinking?
  13. Wireless Outdoor Camera Suggestions

    Thanks everyone for the great info.
  14. WarBox

    Thanks for all the responses! @Yakamashii Im sure we could work something out to get you one @bashincajun I plan to keep the thread updated as changes are made. First will probably be smaller enclosure followed by the battery pack.
  15. Change out USB to USB-C for LAN Turtle

    I would try this first. I thing the chip for USB-C is different than previous USB. So it would require more than just a connector. Not saying it can't be done tho.