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  1. ICA$1396

    Device Problem

    Use it On Android The Tools Are There Too!
  2. ICA$1396

    Which Language ?

    Hello Every One It is About 8 Months I Started Learning Security Fundamentals ( Security+ , CEH, ...) I Want To Know For Writing Exploit Which Programming Language Is The Best, Python? Ruby? C++?
  3. ICA$1396

    [Official] SSLsplit

    You Can Only Sniff HTTPS Trafic With SSLSplit
  4. ICA$1396

    Tetra Setup

    You Connect The Cable & Have Internet? ( Response From Ping Google.com?) You Have To Connect By Wlan1 ( I Think) ( In AP Setting), Your AP & Password Try This
  5. ICA$1396


    Hello Every One I am Working On BlueBrone Vulnerability & I Downloaded Scripts From GitHub & I Saw Videos On Youtube ( Armis Security ) But When The Exploit Done Nothing Happen! ( Similar To This Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n13JtClFG2w) What I Should Do?