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Sound problem in linux


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Anybody ever get an error like this when running alsamixer

function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device

What happened was I was following a ndiswrapper tutorial and for some reason part of it was recompiling the kernel and since I did that now I get that error when running alsamixer.

I've tried messing around in the sound system section if the control center with no luck. I would appreciate it if someone might be able to help me get audio back. I searched and searched for even just a way to restore the kernel to a previous state with no luck:(

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Thanks guys, sorry, again I forget to mention the distro and card and I always try to be as specific as possible.

Anyway I'm using BackTrack a bootable Network Security/Auditing Suite, but I do have it installed to the drive so i'm dual booting.

My card is Realtek AC97 running of a VIA chipset. I just find it weird that after I followed the tutorial it would cause so many problems.

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Well there are drivers available, have you tried running the alsa setup program as root? i can't remember the command (alsasetup or alsaconfig, if i remember rightly) it comes with most distros and will setup your sound in seconds.

I often find this program works even when my distros setup tool fails, if you don’t have it, download it. (try googling for 'alsatools' or 'alsa')

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I did forget to mention, yea I have tried the alsaconfig program, and it doesn't detect my sound card, so it does appear to be a driver issue, just weird how re-compiling the kernel could do that. I guess I will search for driver's for it and see what I can find.

Umm then I'm just not sure exactly how to install/apply the drivers it being linux. Would it just be something like

make && install ?

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When you recompile the kernel, use 'make menuconfig', find the driver for your sound card in there and activate it.

I think Alsa prefers modules, but both modules and compiled-in drivers should work.

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@ Cooper

I tried "make menuconfig" and got the error about no rule or makefile something like that. It's like something was missing so I viewed the man page for make and tried a few things, but could not figure it out. I'm tempted to just format and re-install, but I'm determined to troubleshoot this issue.

@ K1u

is there any good active linux forum you would recommend. I usually only post on pretty active forums.

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