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Bash Bunny keeps " shutting down"


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Good Morning everyone,


i have been playing around with the bunny since I got it, however one thing that really annoys me is the fact that it for no obvious reason what so ever

keeps shutting down. Doesn't matter if i am using it as USB stick, or am logged into it via consol. Suddenly the LED goes off and the bunny stops reacting till i unplug and plug it back in.


Any tips how to prevent this ?


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Hello Pickles,

thank you for your help, and sorry for not providing enough information in the first place.

Cases when it stopped responding (led goes out too)

1: Working on a payload txt and trying to safe.

2: Copying data from the library into the Switch1 folder.

3: Connected via putty and copying a language file.

4: Bunny is idle and doing nothing, when I finished reading GitHub and wanted to work with it I found the Folder in Explorer grayed out with no space used and only a " fat32" remark, and the Led off.

Those are the situations the bunny fainted on me.  while case 3 only happened 1 time so far, case 1 and 2 seem to happen on a regular basis.



Also sorry for my bad English, sadly its not my native language.






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Out of interest I ran stress-ng on my bunny and it was drawing 0.48A under peak load 0.14A idle.

But was monitoring with one of those cheap USB power monitors from bangood so not sure how accurate it is.

root@bunny:~# stress-ng -a 4 -l 100
stress-ng: info: [8680] dispatching hogs: 4 I/O-Sync, 4 CPU, 4 VM-mmap, 4 HDD-Write, 4 Fork, 4 Context-switch, 4 Pipe, 4 Cache, 4 Socket, 4 Yield, 4 Fallocate, 4 Flock, 4 Affinity, 4 Timer, 4 Dentry, 4 Urandom, 4 Float, 4 Int, 4 Semaphore, 4 Open, 4 SigQueue, 4 Poll
stress-ng: info: [8680] successful run completed in 61.48s

It did get quite warm tho so I didnt want to do it for much more than a min.

I can however wiggle it in the USB port and get a disconnect to occur. So tend to keep it still on desk when working.

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dmesg is something that you will need to ssh into the bunny to see... however, if its failing and you cant get into it, you might need to look at the logs located at /var/logs/messages. What I would do to see what is causing the bunny to fail is change the date to today, or something different than what its booted with, to identify different boots. Let if fail boot it back up scp the file off before it fails and read in notepad ++ or other text editor. Lots of steps but should point to what might be causing the issue.

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i give it a try, thank you for the advise. Not sure i have understand everything but hey. Puzzling about stuff means learning something.

I am just sure by now that it has nothing to do with the USB port itself. Tested it on 6 different devices. And the "hung up" happens on all of them

when moving data around or editing data on it.


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I only suggested that you SCP information off because it sounds like it has hanged randomly and we want to make sure we can get the file before that happens, granted it might happen when you scp it off..

changing the date can be done by:
date -s "2 OCT 2006 18:00:00"

Reading dmesg or the log file is for the most part easy, if you need help understanding something as you are looking google is your friend :) as most of it is documented. But let us know what the last couple of lines are for the set date... or if you don't set the date look at the last couple of lines in /var/log/messages right before the lines with all of the [0.000000]

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