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bashbunny vs usb arrmory


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Just found out about the new bashbunny today, I considered buying a usb armory for a while but now I can't decide between them.  :) From the spec they look similar, except of a missing microsd slot a a better case and more stable usb port with switch and RGB Led. I think the bunny could become a better pentesting platform because of the software environment and the community around it.

Maybe you have some pro/con arguments to help me to decide which is more fun to play with it.



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The Bash Bunny is much more powerful spec-wise and has great community support. Additionally, Hak5 does an excellent job with user experience in their products. If you notice in that other product it's low level and requires Linux knowledge for system configuration. The Bash Bunny's payloads are really easy to configure, create and share.

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It really depends on what you're wanting to do. The Armory has some nice specs for a dev platform - so if you have a specific use case in mind and are keen on the programming, go for it. The Bash Bunny is a purpose built pentesting platform. We emphasize the convenience factor and really try to foster a healthy development community around the tools. It's a simple plan that's been working for us for nearly a decade as we've been making infosec tools. So - you could probably do some nifty attacks with the Armory, but there'll be more heavy lifting involved.

As for the hardware differences - while Micro SD is nice for memory expansion, the fast SLC NAND memory in the Bash Bunny is one of the enabling factors for the quick boot -- which is very important for physical pentest engagements. The Bash Bunny has a 50% higher clock speed and 4x more cores. The other specs like RAM and dimensions are similar. 

At the end of the day it's really the software, community, and continued support you've come to know from Hak5 that makes the difference. 

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