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  1. I'm pen-testing on the cheap. it is also $50 cheaper! Got my bunny!
  2. Only Dad is laughing? ***UPDATE*** Wow that joke was so bad it took me two days to get it! Dad . . . A-parent!! LOL
  3. What a week!!! Got my New Pi zero W and ordered me a bunny!!! Life is Good!!!
  4. Great Suggestion. I think the Hak5 tutorials rock.
  5. Bienvenue Newbies, We are all newbies here. Some are newbies to this forum while others are newbies in life. Just read everything related to computer security you can get your hands on, take a Linux course, and use your best Google-foo! One of my favorites is: http://www.securitytube.net/
  6. My name is Nick aka S4n|]M4n Favorite game: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Favorite OS: Linux, PC DOS First Computer: Commodore VIC-20 Favorite console: Sears & Roebuck SUPER PONG IV Nationality: US Accent: Military-Brat Sex: Male Age: 0x35 Race: American Caucasian Height: 175.3cm 13.16 stone Status: Monogamous Heterosexual Build: Husky Favorite music: Metallica,U2,Eagles,Foreigner,Def Leppard, ZZ Top Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers,Cranberries,Nirvana,Lenny Kravitz Favorite book: Ghost in the Wires, Hack Counter-hack, RTFM: Red Team Field Manual Favorite author: Ὅμηρος Favorite movies: Trackdown/Takedown, The Matrix, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Sneakers, Hackers Favorite directors: Quentin Tarantino, Francis Ford Coppola, The Wachowskis Favorite TV Shows: Vikings, Game of Thrones, Mr Robot Favorite actor: Sean Connery Favorite actress: Jamie Lee Curtis Favorite Pinup: Farrah Fawcett Favorite Comedians: Cast of "In Living Color" Other hobbies: Muscle Car enthusiast, Raspberry Pi aficionado, Radio Wave Junkie, NCAA Football maniac, Novice Drone Pilot Car: Scion TC Occupation: Sysadmin / Info-Sec
  7. Hey Securex, If you are interested in saving money. You might want to check out this site: https://www.packtpub.com. Many of the books you listed are from Packt Publishing and they have their own site where you can save quite a bit of money purchasing the books directly from them.
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