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I'm a newbie


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  • Learn some programming / scripting languages, in particular Python, Ruby and C;


  • Read through everything on Null Byte, from the start. Don't skip anything;


  • Read up on / follow some Pentesters;





Come back when you've read all of the above, understood all of the above, and practiced all of the above.


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The stickied thread is outstanding.  I would also suggest the following talk from DefCon 23:

     DEF CON 23 - 1o57 (Ryan "LosT" Clark) Responsible Incident: Covert Keys Against Subverted Technology Latencies, Especially Yubikey


1o57 is one of the core organizers and always gives a talk on the first day to new folks to the profession.  This is the first time he allowed it to be filmed.  Great advice, including a list of the things he feels that a new "hacker" should research and learn to really get a solid background:

  • Learn to count in binary.  On your fingers.  Know binary math
  • Same for hex... why do we use it? how does it relate to machine code? instructions?
  • TOR
  • IDA Pro and Vivisect
  • TCP/IP fundamentals
  • ASM
  • scripting
  • C/C++ (K&R)
  • Basic crypto properties
  • Wireshark and pcaps
  • Why NESSUS is lame
  • Metasploit (and such things)
  • Virtualization and VMs
  • Backtrack and Kali
  • Can you use the command line?
  • SSH
  • PuTTY
  • Filezilla
  • Open source tools like GIMP, Inkscape, etc
  • How DNS works and why it is fundamentally broken
  • Dont be an idiot on Social Networking
  • Digikey, Jameco, Mouser, McMaster (go to their website and request their catalog)
  • Lady Ada will tell you how to get free crap and keeps a list.  Some manufacturers will send you free stuff if you ask for a chip or something claiming that you need it for something you are going to make a lot of
  • pick an illegal thing and see if you can find a legal way to do it
  • read Spamnation
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