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  1. Sorry, did not see your response... my results: 20170621 22:10 booted up, ran recon, successful for 15 second scan, four SSIDs 2 minute scan took five minutes, returned "No scan results" 22:19 ssh-ed in, ran airmon-ng start wlan1 Noticed that PineAP Daemon: Enabled... switched off, saved autostart config Started 30 second scan, 30 seconds to scan, two more minutes at 100% before "No scan results" back to terminal, ran pinesniffer wlan1mon 60 0 /tmp/test results: root@Pineapple:~# airmon-ng start wlan1 Found 1 processe
  2. logs are not immediately exportable, but I see nothing of note other then this: Sun Mar 19 21:25:49 2017 cron.err crond[1397]: time disparity of 1391 minutes detected Sun Mar 19 21:26:40 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1196.560000] rtl8192cu: MAC auto ON okay! Sun Mar 19 21:26:40 2017 kern.info kernel: [ 1196.590000] rtl8192cu: Tx queue select: 0x05 Sun Mar 19 21:34:29 2017 kern.err kernel: [ 1665.550000] rtl_usb: reg 0xa2c, usbctrl_vendorreq TimeOut! status:0xffffff6f value=0x6010840 Sun Mar 19 21:34:39 2017 kern.err kernel: [ 1675.550000] rtl_usb: reg 0x608, usbctrl_vendorreq TimeOut! status:0x
  3. Thanks b0N3z, sounds like I should have looked closer at the logging page. I will post as soon as I can get back out to the office but how do you guys tag logs to keep from filling up the whole topic ?
  4. I would if I could find logs on it... as per above, /var/log is empty and the logging page is all about PineAP
  5. Left it alone overnight, tried again this afternoon. Now I can get a scan going but the results make no sense... Ran for 15 second scan, after a few seconds the bar expanded for 20 seconds, hung at 100% for several minutes. then stops, still showing "No scan results." Meanwhile, from the command line I do see SSIDs... root@Pineapple:~# iwlist wlan0 scan | grep SSID ESSID:"Scott's Wi-Fi Network" ESSID:"Helgen_2GEXT" ESSID:"Helgen" ESSID:"gwguest" ESSID:"DVW326.9D1105-2.4G" root@Pin
  6. OK... so I thought I would give the Nano a few months, see what firmware came out, and try again. Just flashed with [Release] 1.1.3 - Codename Buffalo Bulldozer and uninstalled all modules, then rebooted. From the Dashboard I click Recon, select "30 Seconds" and hit the "Scan" button. The little pineapple icon animates but the scan never starts. two minutes later I refresh the browser and briefly see a red warning "There was an error starting Recon, please try again" At this point the Dashboard stops working (UPTIME and % CPU USAGE are blank) and the left-hand nav bar stops work
  7. You may need to reset the "Save active config as default" on the Configuration tab... once I did that again it was back to working.
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