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How to find out who hacked FB account?


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My friend got their facebook and twitter account hacked.  Do any members know if it's possible to find out

1) who could have done it?  (unlikely I know)

2) location of the hack?  (if Q1 is unlikely, at least by narrowing the location of the compromise can help narrow down who did it).

TIA : )

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For you or them, no. Report it to Facebook and let them investigate it.


I'll predict your reply to this, we did and they ignored it. In which case I doubt you'll get anywhere. The police are unlikely to care so not worth bothering with them.

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I think facebook has logs available in your account to show history of user agents that have logged into your account.

This is also a notification emailed to   registered email address.

I get alerts sent to me if I use a new webbrowser on the same desktop (new user agent)

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check the IP addresses logged in too. You can reset the password and then login and check your user history in twitter settings under:


Facebook probably has something like this but the way they hide menus and settings is a PITA. Also, would suggest possibly using 2FA but that isn't fullproof and who really wants to give twitter and facebook your phone info. I know I don't.

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