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Software to generate Rainbow tables on RASPBERRY PI


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What tables do you want?

The point of tables is that you do the hard work first and store the results, as Pi's aren't that powerful they aren't the best things to do this kind of thing on.

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If there are already scripts for all rainbow table generation, I would be interested in some too (I am getting some pretty good hardware in the next few days). Even with my hardware though wouldn't it require cloud time to get the rainbow tables compiled in a timely manner? But Digininja is correct, those raspberry pi's are really only suited for light computing and sensor observations. For instance if I got a dozen, and outfitted them with a bluetooth sniffer, wifi radio, sdr, etc (this would still be really expensive cuz of the bluetooth radio cost) and spread them over an area like the size of a city and sniffed mac address for perhaps tracking people. Cracking in general is a computationally intensive process. Even if you had like 64 or more of these pi's you would probably still run into issues.

I am kind of not interested in buying rainbow tables for 900 + dollars from some sites. Subscription services are also not ideal.

One of my observations about these Pi's is that if you could turn one into a thin client, and give it a 3g connection to base or something you could do computationally intensive stuff on the server computer, and reconnissance stuff like gathering handshakes, and other things on the raspberry pi's.

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Rainbow tables have a limited use. Most algorithms these days employ salting, meaning that for each value of the salt you need a completely new rainbow table.

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